What Will The Future Of Customer Service Look Like?

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Customer service is one of the most crucial parts when running a business. Using technology in this process can give you a vast advantage. Here's what to look out for:

The times when random cold-calling was the best way to generate leads, are going to oblivion. It is almost impossible to convince a customer who’s eating lunch or driving a car, to buy this brand new, awesome pair of underwear with a picture of a reindeer. Nobody cares about the product in wrong place and in the wrong time.

Inbound > Outbound

Every time, when you need something, which is not available in your neighborhood, you search for it on the Internet. It is your first contact with the brand, their product and their prices. Your first impression is decisive. One weak point can cause closing a tab. This is a killzone for companies. So how can they affect your first impression positively?

Better UX, smaller prices, more clear order conditions are good to have – but what truly matters is excellent customer service.

Right Here, Right Now

#1 Chat

The easiest way to stay in touch with a customer is while they’re scrolling your website. They type a question, you quickly write a response. There is a lot of startups which provide these kind of services. You install a plugin on your website and communicate with visitors. If you or your consultants are not available at the moment, the visitor leaves a message and you can always answer later. Some examples of these tools:

  • Velaro – chat to increase e-commerce purchase.
  • Livechat – chat with visitors who need your help.
  • Happyfoxchat – chat for building strong customers relationships.

#2 Callbacks

Another solution are callbacks. Your customer leaves their phone number and wait for the company to call:

  • Fonolo – callback solution for call centers.
  • Callpage – callback in less than 28 seconds.

#3 Live Calling

Last but not least, live calling through the browser. Talking instead of writing!

  • Livecall – voice chat through the web browser.

Who Should Consider This Kind Of Customer Service?

  • Companies which sell complicated products;
  • Those who get a lot of technical questions from customers about how to buy something;
  • E-commerce startups;
  • Companies with a call center section;
  • Advisors, for example travel agencies.

Your website is an important touch-point. Through openness, you can encourage your users to become your customers. Of course sometimes a bold phone call or e-mail address is enough. Everything depends on the type of business. But from the user perspective it’s much more comfortable just to click once to get in contact with you, instead of searching data on subsites and trying to figure out which contact is the best one to help solve their problem.

Keep these tips in mind and you’ll make your customers happy!



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