UK FinTech Fast Invest Plans To Merge Fiat & Cryptocurrencies

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This is the story of a classically trained artist turned FinTech CEO. We spoke to Simona Vaitkune about the future of the financial services industry and her startup Fast Invest that has managed to enter eight markets in just two years.

How would you describe Fast Invest in a few words?

Fast Invest is a powerful investment platform providing consumer loans across Europe and globally. We want everyone to be able to invest their money and build a passive income flow. However, we are expanding and building new infrastructure using blockchain technology to offer new digital banking products. We plan to merge fiat and cryptocurrencies which will enable users to use both for their daily banking operations.

What inspired you to create the platform? How did it all start?

It all started in 2015. I wanted not only to save money but to earn more by having a passive income. I didn’t have a lot of money, and in many companies, there was a large minimum amount to get started with investment. Geography was an additional challenge – to invest in many platforms, you need to be based in a certain area. These platforms were also difficult to use. I wanted to create a new platform that was accessible to everyone and much easier to use than existing tools. We found there was a massive demand for an easy, safe and profitable investing tool.

You’re a classically trained artist now active in financial services, one of the most disruptive industries. What led you to become the CEO of a FinTech? How does your previous career influence your work now?

My experience in Fine Art helped me to develop not only painting skills but also my personality. Skills like creativity, discipline, observation to details and patience help me in everyday activities. To start Fast Invest, I took IT courses to learn the technical skills necessary to understand financial technology.

Can you walk us through an investment process on Fast Invest?

The investment process takes only four steps. To start investing using our platform, you need to register a free user account. Once you have created your user account, you can add as much or as little money to your account as you would like via a bank transfer. After these steps, you need to verify your account. The last step is to pick a loan from the pool that suits your preferences. Once you’ve invested, you can sit back and enjoy monthly returns.

All of the loans in our pool are protected by a Default Guarantee. If a borrower is late on his or her scheduled loan payment, we will offset that payment, making sure our customers’ investments are safe. We also understand that investors need to be able to leave at any time. We promise you a Buyback Guarantee. If you decide to stop investing, we will buy back your investment immediately. We have no secondary market and you have no stress.

In 2015, you opened your HQ in London and since then have opened multiple branches across Europe including Poland, Italy, Germany, and France. How did you manage this rapid expansion process from a business and cultural perspective?

We think big and act fast. Courage and speed are crucial to standing out in the crowd. The people we work with are all united by our vision and our goals.

We recently looked into startup driven innovation in the FinTech sector. From your perspective, what’s the most influential technology that will impact the industry and why?

Definitely the blockchain technology. I feel that the blockchain will impact the banking sector profoundly. The idea and the principles of the blockchain is the answer for future innovation in the finance sector and an alternative to the SWIFT system.

What is the biggest challenge that the company has faced?

Let me honest: Having an ICO was a bold step for our business. It took an immense amount of effort for our business while developing it.

Many startups are now preparing to launch their ICO. What tips & tricks should they be aware of?

Be ready for rapid changes. This market itself, regulations, and the community are changing quickly. Also be aware of scams and always double check the partners you are going to work with.

What’s next for Fast Invest?

We are working on expanding our platform using the blockchain technology. That’s why we decided to launch the ICO project. New services will be available based on existing community principles, so if you want to use our crypto products, you should buy the FIT Tokens which are the main point of access to crypto investing.

Our next big step is to develop more secure, transparent, and quicker technology. By 2020, we hope to open additional branches in the US, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Our goal is to reach about one billion people across the world.

What’s one piece of advice you can give to fellow founders for their startup?

Believe in your idea and do not be afraid to be different. Be patient and work hard.



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