Final Call For HealthTech Experts To Enter LEO Innovation Lab’s Open Innovation Challenge

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Copenhagen-based LEO Innovation lab is looking for digital health experts to enter their open innovation challenge. For a chance to win a total prize money of $150,000 submit your concept until Feb. 8th!

LEO Pharma is the leading company for people suffering from skin diseases. With their open innovation challenges, which will be realized by their stand-alone unit LEO Innovation Lab, they aim to improve the lives of millions of people, suffering from a chronic skin condition. While no medical treatments are developed at the company’s innovation hub, the entity looks “at all aspects of everyday life that can affect a person living with a skin condition, with the goal of improving their quality of life”, as president and CEO Gitte Aabo mentions.

Trusting HealthTech Startups To Improve The Lives Of Millions

This is where HealthTech and Digital Health experts come in: LEO Innovation Lab offers two challenges to participate in:

Challenge #1: Relieve ItchLEO Innovation Lab Calls For Health Startups To Accept Open Innovation Challenge

The first challenge aims to find a digital and/or device solution for people with a skin condition (e.g. psoriasis or eczema) in order to live more comfortably with their itch or even relieve it, thus improving their overall quality of life.


LEO Innovation Lab Calls For Health Startups To Accept Open Innovation ChallengeChallenge #2: Skin Prediction

The main object of the Skin Prediction is Psoriasis. With millions of people worldwide suffering from the disease, LEO Innovation Lab is looking for solutions that will enable patients to predict the next flare-up with min. 70% accuracy.


Why You Should Enter The Challenges

Relieve Itch & Skin Prediction are based on soft- and/or hardware solutions, assuming that users have access to smartphones. Apart from the total prize money of $150,000 ($100,000 for Skin Prediction & $50,000 for Relieve Itch), there are other perks awaiting for the winning participants:

  • Partnership with LEO Innovation Lab
  • Possibility of first funding round without giving away shares
  • Collaboration for commercialisation
  • Access to LEO Pharma’s sales force
  • Access to a network of patients and healthcare providers

What The Process Looks Like

There are two phases to both competitions. The first one ends February 8th with the submission of the concept and the second one on May 22nd with the prototype submission. We’ll also give you a little more info what the slide-deck for the concept has to include:

  • Key hypotheses and supporting evidence
  • Description of concept and features
  • Mock-ups of concept (if applicable)
  • Description of technical requirements

The prototyping phases underlie different criteria, which you can have a look at in the full guidelines for the Skin Prediction & Relieve Itch Challenge.

Get Involved!

Help improve the lives of millions of people by accepting the Skin Prediction & Relieve Itch Challenge and submit your concept until February 8th!



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