FAB Atelier: Submit Your Jewelry Design & Win 1 Year Of Mentorship!

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Attention jewelry designers! FAB Atelier offers the opportunity to win a full year of mentorship & crowdfunding for your collection. Here's how it works & why you should submit until July 11th:

Just graduated from design school? Then you’re definitely not lacking the talent or creativity to transform your ideas into your jewelry collection! What, however, could be of use is good advice & support in terms of business insight and know-how. Two things that FAB Atelier in cooperation with its UK partner & specialist in the jewelry & accessoire industry Adorn Insight provides.

FAB Atelier Helps To Entry The Market

Former Brand Director at Silhouette & Swarowski, Christian Hafner, just founded a startup called FAB Atelier. What it is about? Up and coming jewelry designers are invited to submit their beloved ornament online & take part in a public voting contest to materialize their sketches.

The main idea behind the contest is to enable young designers to make their market entry as riskless as possible. As Hafner states he wants “to give young talents the opportunity to entry the market on easier conditions and pass on the know-how I gained from working with globally successful brands.”

The voting contest is accompanied by a crowdfunding phase which means that you don’t actually have to win the voting in order to make your market entry – if enough people are willing to back your design. Sounds awesome, right? So let’s take a closer look:

Creative Phase

Designers from all over Europe are invited to submit their most creative sketches, prototypes, 3D CAD files online, where they will be presented together with a short intro of the designer. The deadline to submit your works is July 11th, so better get going!

Voting Phase

The public is invited to vote for their most favorite pieces until July 18th, however the designer’s pieces that reach 50 votes until that point will be evaluated by a team from FAB Atelier & Adorn Insight in regards to their feasibility.

No Losers – Just Winners

After the voting the top 20 designers will be announced and spend their time until August 29th to design a full collection consisting of 4-12 jewelry pieces. These collections build the basis for the main prize: one of five spots for a year long 1-on-1 mentoring program. The six mentors that will be available for the sessions are Maia Adams & Juliet Hutton-Squire (founders Adorn Insight), industrial designers Thomas Feichtner & Rainer Mutsch as well as product designer Sebastian Menschhorn & designer Andrés Fredes. Here’s a bit more info on them:

FAB Atelier mentors

These 5 mentoring winners will be financed via crowdfunding – similar to Kickstarter projects but with a twist: as soon as the projects reached their funding goal they will be produced and distributed with the help of FAB Atelier’s partners – on a European level. On top of that FAB Atelier will double the amount that was allocated by the crowdfunding campaign for the top 5!

No losers in this competition: the top 20 will be invited to a 3 day workshop in Wattens (aka Swarowski’s base in Austria) in October to experience new materials and techniques to further enhance their collections.

Participate in the event to build your brand in a zero cost & zero risk environment. You can experiment, submit & present your collection to the public. Upload your works until July 11th to see if they like it as much as you do!


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