Eye Scan: “Bootstrapping Is The Toughest Way To Start.”

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Christopher Picard, founder of the medical app Eye Scan, spoke to us about how he takes on his everyday mission: changing the world.

Describe Eye Scan Inc in 50 words or less.

Eye Scan Inc is a company looking to make the world a safer place by providing a less intrusive way of drug testing.

Why did you decide to pursue your own dreams rather than someone else’s?

As we were helping others we realized that we could have a much bigger positive impact on the world by going in our own direction. We wanted to create solutions that can have huge impacts on the world to make it a better place for our children. Our main goal is to help people and we realized by having a startup on the internet we would have a much greater chance of impacting the whole world instead of just our small communities. If we just see one life save because of our small invention this will all be worth it.

7 years from now: How did your startup change the world?

7 years from now Eye Scan Inc will have spread worldwide. Parents will be using it to monitor if their children are currently using drugs. People will be able to get help for their friends and family before the police get involved. Small businesses will be able to afford to have drug free environments and less expensive insurance policies. Law enforcement will have another tool at their disposal to help asses if someone is sober during a traffic stop.

In what ways do you measure your success and how do you make sure you don’t lose track?

We measure our success by how many people will help and how many little lives we save. We make sure not to lose track by keeping daily goals and always included in that is how can we help someone today. Secondly remembering always giving back to the world in a positive way so that it will be a better place for our kids and grand kids.

Describe your typical working day from coming to the office to leaving it.

Typically in the morning we get to work and have a morning huddle. This usually consist of us deciding how we will change the world today. Our typical contributions are about how we can get the app to more people. Then we put our plans to action by assigning task to each part of the team according to what they came up with and what kind of help that they could use. At the end of the day we reconvene and talk about what we have accomplished and give compliments for all the hard work.

Bootstrapped or financed: What fuels your startup now and what will in the future?

Bootstrapping is the toughest way to start but that’s how we got were we are now. Getting the money yourself and self financing is what we preferred to keep the mission the same, to help as many people as possible. In the future we will continue to bootstrap because that helps us stay with the mission.

What were the biggest challenges you faced building your startup?

The biggest challenges we faced building this startup were creating a product that worked and would potentially save lives. Creating a software that will test the eyes and figure out if someone is inebriated or not is uncharted territory. We had the privilege of going down that road and getting it figured out. The second part of that challenge is making that software user friendly so that we can affect as many people as possible. This is how we can make the world a safer place so it was a great challenge.

With ferocious competition and a booming trend to build new companies: How do you make sure you don’t get lost in the shuffle?

With ferocious competition we have to make sure that our company stands out from the rest. We want people to know this is about saving lives. The thought that must go with our company is that our culture is all about bettering the world and to be a tool used in the world of drugs to keep people safer. We have to make sure to not concentrate on the money and to think about how much impact that we can have on the world. When we succeed in making the world a better place we will have achieved our goals and everything else will take care of itself.

What do you look for in team members?

As a company we look for enthusiasm in our philosophies from team members. We want our whole team to be as excited about having a positive impact on the world as we are. We also like to see a strong work ethic and a positive outlook on life. We believe these qualities will produce a team that gives the world the positive results that we are looking for.

Why would a talent join your team?

A talent would join our team to have an opportunity to have a huge positive impact on the world and to be part of something revolutionary in nature. This person would know that their efforts would not go unnoticed by our team, and that they would be a respected member of a team set out to make the world a better place. Finally a talented person would join our team because we believe in self improvement and we encourage all in our team to improve themselves in all aspects of life and reward them for doing such.

What was your most memorable moment so far?

The most memorable moment in this end-ever so far was the moment that our app was complete, the excitement from our whole team was so great that words can’t begin to describe. The idea that we would now have something that could make the world a better place and we were setting out on the next journey to put it out there for all to use and be able to improve the lives of those around them. At that moment we could see that our whole team was as excited about this as we are and wanted to make the impact that we dream about.

What advice would you give fellow founders for their startup?

For anyone starting a new start up I would say that patience is your number one asset. Some times things get set back but don’t give up. Continue to hold a strong belief that what you are doing is important and that with perseverance you will see your dreams come to life. Be very flexible in your timeline in that not everything goes as planned and always keep in mind your goals in why you are taking this venture. Keep open communications with your team so that you and your team are on the same page and things will keep moving forward. Finally I will tell them good luck.



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