eSports Startup Learn 2 Play Raises $1 Million To Create International eLearning Project

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Learn 2 Play, an international eSports startup company, has raised over $1m as part of a bigger syndicated transaction. Investors received minority holdings, but the valuation remains undisclosed at the moment.

Large venture funds (such as Latvian Buran Venture Capital) and projects ( and others) took part in the investment for Learn 2 Play (L2P).

Michael Szalontay, Managing Partner of Buran Venture Capital, mentions why Learn 2 Play is an ideal investment case for the VC: “For our fund, the investment in Learn 2 Play is an excellent example of cooperation with serial entrepreneurs, as in the past we already had a successful experience with the founder of the company Maxim Dreval within the development and exit from the project Netology-Group. The Learn 2 Play team created an interesting technological product aimed at training players in the fast-growing international segment of eSport. We are sure that we will bring a lot of added value to the team when building strategic partnerships with key players in the gaming industry. We wish the team good luck in achieving their ambitious goals!”

Maxim Dreval founded L2P in 2017 after he has successfully been developing projects in the field of eLearning and obtained over $10 million since 2011. “I can’t really say that this is our starting point, since a lot of work has been done beforehand under the framework of the lean startup. It was pure enthusiasm that lead us to creating our first product. We’ve tweaked it a few times, did some research in regards to its development which involved various hypotheses, and then launched the sales all over the world. The transaction under consideration most definitely lays a solid foundation for a very promising future of the company. Truth be told, we were quite meticulous when it came to choosing our partners, and I’m absolutely satisfied with the result. As we speak, the market is growing by leaps and bounds and so is rivalry. At the moment, there isn’t a decisive leader in this area in the world arena, and we’re willing to be one”, Dreval says.

Dota 2 Educational Platform: First Successful Project in eLearning

Learn 2 Play startup, founded by Maxim Dreval, Dmitry Ribalchenko, Anton Kovalev and Lena Urusova in 2017, specializes in developing eSports projects (primarily those that are educational, technological and marketing-oriented)., the Dota 2 educational platform, became the first successful project in eLearning. is a service that represents smart analytical system, high-quality educational videos (which were made possible with the help of professional Dota 2 players), well-developed in-game quests, and offers a personal in-depth analysis of every played match. The service can be applicable to players of any skill level: novices get a chance of learning the in-game basics which will later allow them to be competent players, while experienced gamers have an opportunity to hone their skills.

Anton Kovalev, Head of Development in the e-learning startup from 2015 to 2017, mentions that “numerous statistical data based on the performance of the learner is the key factor in the educational process. The received information, in turn, allows for the creation of technological projects. Combining the data received from the in-game API, and their processing technologies ranging from Machine Learning to a self-learning AI, we’re confidently making steps towards our ambitious goal. It’s all about giving the user a ubiquitous AI capable of analyzing every single detail which will enable the player to reach a higher performance and master the art of the game”.

L2P expects an analogous service based on the game League of Legends ( to be launched in the first quarter of 2018. All the other popular eSports disciplines will be supported, too, later on. All educational projects target the global market. So far, the startup’s products support English, Spanish, Chinese and Russian languages, and the team is currently planning on expanding in order to cover Asia as well.




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