Energy Utility Iberdrola Seeks Collaborative Solutions For Electric Vehicle Charging

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Do you develop a shared charging solution for Electric Vehicles (EVs)? Apply for the Startup Challenge & win financial & technical support to test your solution with Iberdrola’s Smart Mobility Team!

Iberdrola is highly committed to sustainable mobility (see Iberdrola’s Sustainable Mobility Plan for more info) and is launching a new Startup Challenge in the search for startups capable of providing charge-sharing solutions for users of electric vehicles who would like to share a charging point and/or make use of other people’s charging points.

Currently, a large proportion of vehicles spend the night on the street, and their owners do not have access to their own charging point. The people that do have one find that when they are away from their usual charging point, they also need solutions for recharging their vehicles at their destinations.

On the other hand, some of the existing charging points are underutilized, and therefore available for a large part of the day (homes, business centers, supermarkets, etc.).

Looking For Global Innovative Shared Charging Solutions

So, Iberdrola is on the lookout for cooperative recharging solutions for these users so that they can share their charge points and make use of those belonging to third parties (business or private) using technologies such as:

  • software platforms
  • automated solutions for access to car parks and locked areas
  • online management of recharging points, etc.

Consideration will be given both to domestic charging points and those located at business premises and commercial sites such as shopping, sports, business and training centers, and supermarkets, etc.

What Are The Benefits For Your Startup?

#1 Pilot Project

Iberdrola will give the winner of the challenge financial and technical support to test their solution with the Iberdrola Smart Mobility team, with access to the resources needed to evaluate it (equipment, personnel, infrastructure, high-tech positioning, co-working areas, etc.).

#2 New Customers & Investors

If the pilot project is successful, the company will include it among its mobility solutions to improve the vehicle charging station network. Perseo, Iberdrola’s VC arm, may also consider investing in the project.

#3 Business Scalability

The winning technology may be scalable to other business areas in the group.

Apply Now!

Apply by 28 February 2020 (5:59 p.m. GMT + 1) to test your solution together with Iberdrola & gain new clients & investors!

The Shared Charging Solutions Startup Challenge is hosted within the frame of Madrid in Motion, an urban mobility hub with support from Madrid City Council and the Municipal Transport Company which produces collaborative and innovative solutions to the challenges of mobility, to ensure a positive impact on the future of cities and the lives of their inhabitants.



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