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Once you've found an idea to turn into a business it gets to the next stage: raise people's awareness for your mission. SEO is one way to do it, but it has to be done right. Here are 5 useful tips!

So you have a brilliant idea and a fantastic product hoping to take the world by storm and change the lives of millions for the better, what next? You want to have it discovered by billions of web users and potential customers so they know what an amazing product it is, love it and eventually buy it. In order to rise above the noise of the vast online marketplace transactions, beat your competitors in 0.5-seconds-search-engine-results-flat and drive colossal scores of traffic to your company webpage, you need to pick up great search engine optimization (SEO) techniques.

SEO Goes A Long Way – When Done Right

One of the major failures in businesses is not bridging the gap between customers and your company. The good news is that we have the advantage of the information age with a wide reach of billions of potential customers in one internet marketplace. And fantastic SEO techniques are a strong remedy to getting connected with users of your product. It helps rank your website to the top of the search engine results, increase brand awareness, understand your customers more and maximize your online presence. Isn’t that exactly what you need? When done well, you will watch your consumer base grow quickly due to excellent decisions and painful planning in the beginning. In the long run, you will applaud yourself for having incorporated a strong SEO plan in your business.

Using great SEO processes is one smart way to promote your startup because you are not likely to have deep pockets in the beginning phase to burn dollars on telemarketing or commercials starring say, Jennifer Lawrence. Successful businesses like Amazon, Goodreads and Yelp have all benefited vastly (and still are) from SEO techniques.

The Right Way To Get On Top

So how do you wield this tool towards creating a powerful brand?

By giving your startup a solid foundation with the attributes of trust, credibility and strong reputation in all aspects of your company’s business persona online (and offline of course).

Here are 5 tips you don’t want to miss for moving up the ranks and emerging triumphant in the race to the top.

#1 Content

Ensure your webpage contains well-organized quality content with frequent updates. Content should also be entertaining with a good measure of popular and trendy topics. Using shortcuts to boost visitor statistics by cramming the page full of links and keywords without emphasis on meaningful content will only guarantee you a poor rank in the search results.

#2 Engagement

Engaging content spurs visitors to comment, re-share it on social media platforms, stay on your website longer and even visit other pages on your website. In addition, you will want to catch the attention of social influencers and reputable personalities. These are all factors indicative of reliable pages which are positive signals to the search engine about your website’s value, allowing your website to reach the top of the search results page.

#3 Identity

Create a consistent set of values and identity, which permeates your comments on websites and social media network content. For example, leave comments in various websites along with your name and links to online personality, Twitter, Facebook and Google+ page. This helps the search engine to pick out behavioral patterns and form a personality that accurately reflects you.

#4 Links

Also, provide plenty of related information and tools like links and videos to your website. These include profile pages of people passionate about your cause, links to other websites where your content is publicized and your own marketing videos. All these activities help form part of your identity and increase your digital footprint.

#5 Trust

Let your site visitors know you better, increase your trust-meter and for transactions to happen. Create a Google+ page filled with all your details and your picture. Share content from your company webpage on your profile because Google will give your webpage a better rank if it can associate your webpage with a real person. This provides a good basis for others to do business with you as they can identify you.

Concurrently, select the social network platforms and social media sites that you would like to create a presence in. Network within each digital platform and connect with those who have the similar interests to reinforce your identity.

The reputation of those interacting on your webpage matters as well. Having a great website that catches the attention of subject matter experts and social influencers with hundreds of thousands of followers to interact on your website helps increase your ranks as a reliable business on search engines. Since it is in their interest to enhance their brand name and values they uphold, it is important that they establish all content they share beforehand to be of good quality and of similar interests to many others they know.

Consider increasing your brand reach by creating an application for mobile users. It is best not to overlook this as it advertises about your startup, increases your traffic and help you find out more about the interests of your visitors. How so? When you have application on Google Play and/or App Store, they help you to target the right audience who might be interested in the application and capture valuable user data. Beyond reaching the ranks, you can find out traffic origins, data about interest in your product and size of your competition. Hence, you can further make improvements or additions to your product and offerings so as to ensure they stay competitive.

Striving towards getting your voice heard, selling your product amidst many talents on the web is a great challenge. It is an ongoing process with no hard and fast rules, but if you can incorporate SEO techniques as a crucial part of your efforts from the beginning and frequently fine-tune them, I promise you the results can be very rewarding.



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