Czech Survey Platform Survio Launches New Version, Now Counting 1.5m Users

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Currently counting more than 1.5 million users, Survio prooves to be an effective tool when it comes to surveys. The Brno-based company started over three times before the concept took off. We spoke to Co-Founder Ondřej Coufalík about their product, opportunities & pitfalls:

How would you describe Survio in a few words?

Survio is a solution for people who need to get answers. Our platform is not only a tool for creating a questionnaire – our users can choose from many templates, invite people to answer, collect responses and of course analyze data and get results in the form of professional reports. Survio is able to conduct the whole process of a survey.

What inspired you to create the platform? How did it all start?

This is an interesting story. My friend Martin, former Survio co-founder, was in the hospital. He had to fill in a lot of paper forms during the hospitalization. He felt that this was a waste of time and paper – this inspired him to create an online tool which is easy to use. What is more, digital forms are helping to save trees. This was the main motive for launching a new project after his return from the hospital. Thus, originally we started in 2008. And then two more times.

How come you started over two more times? Was this one of the biggest challenges you have faced?

This is difficult to say. We started from scratch three times and every time we faced new obstacles – from health problems to the working environment, the team, specialists, and the development of the project itself. For example, we were amazed by gaining a million and half of users, on the other side, there is so much work behind it. Imagine, you double your client base in a very short time and want to provide a service of the same high quality as when you had just five hundred thousand users. We needed to get stronger and simplify client service.

Currently, our biggest challenge is to improve the new version of Survio which was just launched in February.

Several tools on the market support the creation of surveys, either for academic or market research purposes (e.g. SurveyCircle). What makes Survio better than the other platforms? What is the key differentiator?

Our main goal is to be a user-friendly survey platform which can be handled by everybody. That is also our main competitive advantage. Our users don’t need any special knowledge for creating their own surveys. Users can choose from a variety of templates and find many useful tips and tricks on our blog. Survio’s interface helps to solve every step of the survey process. Try it, it is very user-friendly!

Survio is heavily used for market research, HR, educational, and event purposes. Who are your clients and in what ways do they benefit from your services?

Who is able to make a decision without information? Everybody who needs to make a decision needs data. The most common surveys, however, are focused on customers’ loyalty and happiness. Mostly the big companies are using method NPS® – the customer loyalty measurement method.

Survio is the perfect platform for gaining answers to questions related to needs, attitudes, preferences, opinions etc. A questionnaire can be set for customers, potential customers, employees, colleagues, inhabitants etc. Thus, we have a diverse portfolio of clients. However, we can define four main groups: students, SME’s, government institutions, and corporations. Currently, we have more than 1.5 million users and our customers include a number of the world-famous brands like IBM or Disney.

Are you using Survio internally? How does that affect the viewpoints of the development team?

Of course, we do! We have questionnaires for our team as well as our users. We regularly measure the NPS® score. It is one of our main indicators for performance measuring. We use data from customer surveys for planning our development process. It is a great source of new ideas. To us, it is very important to know what our clients’ expectations and needs are.

On the European startup map, Brno is considered a rather small pin. From your experience, what were the advantages of founding in a smaller hub?

I have to disagree, Brno is a big small city. In fact, we have the highest concentration of startups in the Czech Republic. Many internationally recognized IT startups were launched in Brno. The city is often called the Czech Silicon Valley. Moreover, there is a massive quantity of students. Thus, you can agree that the significant advantage of Brno is a high number of educated young people. There are three famous universities and many smaller institutions. Academic spaces and young people are a great source of inspiration. Of course, it also means that the environment is very competitive for companies.

What’s next for Survio?

Currently, we are launching the new version of Survio. The new version is even more user-friendly, eye-catching and a truly effective tool. We are hoping that our users will be excited about it and it will help us to achieve two million users very soon. As we are growing our team is growing, thus, we are hiring specialists in development, online marketing and starting a collaboration with individuals and organizations worldwide. We are preparing a different kind of events from small workshops to a conference dedicated to SaaS.

What’s one piece of advice you can give to fellow founders for their startup?

If you have an idea, you need to find the people who will be on the same page. Of course, you need to prepare a business plan including a product, market situation etc. – surveys and questionaries help a lot! And in spite of the fact that it will not be easy, you should never give up! If you fall you have to stand up and start again. The basis is to learn from failure as well as from success. In other words, you only live once, it is important to do what makes you happy.



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