Creathor Invests Seven-Digit Amount In eHealth Platform „HUMANOO“

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HUMANOO intends to use the cash infusion to further expand the platform and advance cooperation with health insurance companies and insurers.

Creathor Ventures, together with Dieter von Holtzbrinck Ventures (DvH Ventures), Rheingau Founders, Rocket Internet and other investors, invests a significant seven-digit amount in HUMANOO, the Berlin-based provider of a digital health companion for employees and insured persons. HUMANOO intends to use the cash infusion to further expand the platform and advance cooperation with health insurance companies and insurers.

HUMANOO’s holistic approach combines fitness, physiotherapy, yoga, wellbeing, and nutrition. The HUMANOO app offers users individually tailored exercises, daily workouts, and weekly plans, leading them to a self-set goal. All suggestions are based on the focus, fitness level and personal preferences of the user. They are continuously optimized based on the user’s feedback. Personal and company-wide challenges keep engagement rates high. A unique feature of HUMANOO is the direct bonification of healthy user behavior. Based on the HUMANOO Score, users can receive a bonus payment from the employer for their activities or a premium reduction by health insurance companies and insurers.

“On average, a German employee is absent 21 days a year. If we add the unproductive days that employees appear in the office despite being ill, each company loses an average of EUR 4,600 per employee every year,” explains Philip Pogoretschnik, founder and CEO of HUMANOO. “Most of these sick days are relatively easy to avoid. With HUMANOO we help companies to keep their workforce physically and mentally healthy. In addition to corporate health management, we offer users a holistic platform that combines all content under one roof and rewards health activities and interaction.”

Dr. Christian Weiss, Partner at Creathor Ventures, adds: “Many companies have now realized that healthy employees pay off. However, the offerings available to date are often not scalable across all areas of the company and hardly permit any impact measurement. HUMANOO closes this gap with its digital health platform, which makes it possible for the first time to offer tailor-made solutions for every user.”

In addition, companies and insurance companies can expand their understanding of the wellbeing and health of their employees and insured persons by means of comprehensive reports from HUMANOOO. In this way, the needs of employees and policyholders can be identified and catered for at an early stage.

Moreover, a cooperation with HUMANOO contributes to strengthening the employer brand. Leading companies such as Deutsche Bank, P&G, Media Saturn and insurance companies such as Gothaer have already recognized these advantages and are among Humanoo’s satisfied customers.

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