CORREOS & The Spanish Startup HOMYHUB Are Ready To Deliver Packages Into Your Garage

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HOMYHUB developed a solution that turns the smartphone into an intelligent garage control, allowing control, monitoring and managing access. In collaboration with CORREOS, their new service "Safe Delivery" allows users to receive packages in their garages - without having to be at home.

CORREOS and the Spanish startup HOMYHUB have developed a system that will allow delivery of packages in garages. The project has been successfully tested in the town of Rivas-Vaciamadrid in Madrid, Spain, where the first deliveries have already begun for this system.

Turning Garages Into Secure Delivery Points

Spanish startup HOMYHUB has developed a solution that turns the smartphone into a smart garage control. In this way, HOMYHUB converts the garage itself into an intelligent space and allowing to unlock its full potential, including converting it into a secure delivery point for packages even if no one is physically present to receive it.

The only requirement is to have the HOMYHUB Starter Kit and install the application in on the smartphone. This allows users not only to open the garage with the phone but also to know who enters and leaves the garage, whether the door is open or closed. What is more, users can also give, revoke or customize access to anyone through the “Virtual Remotes”. All this, from anywhere and anytime.

“At HOMYHUB, our mission is to unlock the full potential of garages and turn them into a much valuable space in people’s lives.” This includes a range of new generation services that, in turn, make it directly and indirectly beneficial to the environment, by reducing the level of CO2, for example, by decreasing the failed deliveries of packages and the consumption of batteries of garage controls, among other aspects, ” explains Enzo Zamora, co-founder of HOMYHUB.

Avoiding Failed Deliveries & Re-Delivery

The service developed by the startup and CORREOS represents a great revolution for the logistics sector since it will allow companies to save millions of euros by avoiding failed deliveries or re-delivery. And, in turn, it will significantly improve the experience of users who will not have to wait at home for packages or move to another place to pick them up. All they have to do is sign up for the “Entrega Segura” service, and their garage will become a delivery point. In this way, consumers will benefit from a simple, convenient and secure package delivery system.

The delivery person will have access only during the time of delivery. The packages will be delivered in the garage even if the recipient is working outside, playing sports or enjoying summer vacations with the family. Through the application of HOMYHUB, the client will be able to monitor the delivery in real-time, since he will receive a notification when the package is on the way and when the delivery is carried out.

“With HOMYHUB we make delivery as easy as possible for users, as it makes it simpler for users to select the place and time they wish to receive their packages and shipments,” says Jordi Escruela, Director of Innovation at CORREOS.

The project has successfully completed the pilot phase and its potential is thought to be a breakthrough that will impact the transport and logistics sector. In fact, some of the most important supermarket chains and logistics operators in Spain and Europe have already become interested in the service.

HOMYHUB, Success Story Of The Lehnica Challenge

HOMYHUB was one of the winners of the first edition of the Lehnica Challenge, the competition for entrepreneurs launched from CorreosLabs, the center for innovation and entrepreneurship of CORREOS. For one year, HOMYHUB has benefited from a customized acceleration program, with access to space and technological resources of CorreosLabs and mentoring by CORREOS experts, in addition to a financing of up to 30,000€ equity-free to start the project.

CorreosLabs represents the commitment of CORREOS to continue innovating in the logistics and transport sector, capturing the best startups in the market and taking advantage of their solutions for the sector. This is how CORREOS and HOMYHUB came together to bring innovation to the package delivery system.

The synergy between HOMYHUB and CORREOS shows the power of a great company that supports innovation and entrepreneurial spirit, to provide comfort in people’s lives. It is another example of the work that the postal and parcel company is developing to promote internal and external entrepreneurship, explore new business routes, modernize and improve the services it provides and support the development of entrepreneurs and the business sector in Spain.




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