How Changes In Your Work Space Can Improve Your Productivity

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Creating the right work enviornment is crucial to ensuring productivity on a daily basis. Here are 4 valueable tips to help you optimize yours!

Productivity is a bit of a buzzword in business, especially for the modern company fighting to survive. It’s something that any manager wants to increase, and any employee might feel stressed about. If you’re unable to get your productivity levels to where you want them to be, the answer might actually be in the workplace itself. Here are some changes you can make that will make you more productive at work.

#1 Remove The Clutter

The very first thing that you need to do is to have a good clean out. Cluttered and messy spaces are shown to have an adverse effect on productivity and your ability to focus. You will even have lower quality sleep in a messy bedroom, so the status of your workspace is very important.

Get any unneeded equipment or files put into storage, and ensure that everything else is put away neatly. You can ask for smart storage office furniture to make it even tidier. Finally, give it all a good clean to get rid of the dust that might have been lingering for years. Sitting in front of a fresh and tidy desk, you’ll feel better equipped to focus and get through your tasks quicker.

#2 Rearrange Your Seating

The placement of your desk can have a huge effect on your productivity levels. Natural light will help you to feel more positive and work harder, so sitting next to a window is a good bet – so long as there are no distractions outside, such as noisy building work.

You can also consider the people that you sit near to. Sitting next to someone who works hard, who you get along well with, and whose work intersects in some way with your own is ideal. This way you can enjoy your working hours without distracting one another too much, be pushed on to work harder by their example, and also collaborate easier. Some employees also find that their productivity levels go up if they are sitting closer to their boss.

#3 Get Comfortable

How comfortable are your desk, chair, mouse, and keyboard? There are a number of issues that could cause you discomfort and distraction if they aren’t lined up correctly. All of your desk furniture needs to be set up to create the right posture: feet flat on the floor, knees bent at a 90 degree angle, elbows comfortably able to rest on the desk, back straight, and keyboard not too close or too far away.

When things aren’t placed correctly, you could strain your eyes, experience back pain, have pain in your joints, have difficulty with getting comfortable, and end up with muscle spasms if you don’t change things up. Without this discomfort, you’ll be working much better – and you might even take less time off sick.

#4 Make It Yours

A drab and uninspiring workspace can really hold you back, especially if you have some creative aspects to your work. It’s important that you feel cheerful and energetic when you look at your desk.

You could bring in some bright pads of paper and other stationary items, stick up images that you like, get your own mug or other décor items, or do other things to make the desk feel more like your own. If you’re inspired to sit down and get working, you’ll feel happier and be more productive at work.

Getting your best performance often requires a combination of elements. You should be healthy, well-rested, have the right nutrition, and enjoy your workplace culture. But on top of those things, if your workspace isn’t optimized for productivity, then you won’t be at your best!



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