Blue Code International And Alipay Enter System Integrator Partnership

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Alipay, the worlds largest online and mobile payment platform with over 600 million active users in China, and Blue Code, the first pan-European mobile payment solution, are excited to announce a system integrator partnership in Europe.

Blue Code can now provide European merchants and their acquirers its service as a system integrator for Alipay. One single technical integration into a merchant’s cash register will enable Chinese users of Alipay to pay at merchants across entire Europe, just like Blue Code users living in Europe.

Blue Code is an optical payment solution for European banks and retailers. European banks can issue blue barcodes within their banking apps to have their users pay directly from their checking accounts. The solution works on Android and iOS and enables value-added services such as integration with loyalty systems of the merchants. Retailers can tie Blue Code into their merchant apps and link it to their loyalty program. The system is highly secure since it is anonymous in both directions – Blue Code never receives any personal data, neither from issuing banks nor from participating merchants.

Growing Both Footprints On The European Market


Li Wang, Head of Alipay EMEA // © Alipay

Li Wang, Head of Alipay EMEA, said: “Our experience shows that scanning a user’s barcode on his or her smartphone is the best mobile payment user experience for everyone in the value chain, especially the end user. Chinese visitors no longer need to be roaming online during the payment process, which is important for merchants especially when more Chinese visitors are expected in the future. The cash register integration also enables merchants to tie into Alipay’s marketing and promotion engines, bringing them more exposure to their target audience.”

Starting from 2012, Blue Code International has a proven technology stack and strong experience working with European acquirers and merchants to enable its own optical payment solution without having the acquirer to invest into cash register integrations.

Christian Pirkner, CEO of Blue Code International, said: “We are very excited to work with Alipay on growing both our footprints in the European market. Our payment solutions share many parallels and the collaboration will create benefits for both our acquirer and merchant partners. We invite acquirers all over Europe to get in touch with us to see how effortlessly they can benefit from selling Alipay and the Blue Code optical payment solution to their customer base by processing payment from within the merchant’s cash register.”



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