Bayer’s G4A Combines Digital Health Initiatives & Takes Startup Collaboration To The Next Level

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With G4A Partnerships, Bayer takes its role as a pioneer in collaborating with digital health startups to the next level. Startups can apply for the Growth or Advance Track until 31 May 2019!

G4A Partnerships combines Bayer’s existing programs (Accelerator, Dealmaker, and Generator) into a joint initiative aimed at various stage startups in the healthcare sector to focus on co-creation and scaling by committed partnerships.

Through focusing on collaborating in specific digital health focus areas such as digital therapeutics, voice and neuro-tech, and patient engagement platforms, Bayer concentrates on longer-term collaborations and investments.

Changing The Experience Of Health

Driven to make a difference and change the experience of health together with the brightest entrepreneurs, Bayer realizes this mission through commercial partnerships, healthcare technology funding, mentorship, and access to exclusive networks.

“For us, it’s all about developing new health solutions that can change the experience of health,” says Dr. Zsuzsanna Varga who’s heading G4A Partnerships. “We’re convinced that long-term collaborations with digital health companies sharing the same passion and vision are the best way to achieve this.”

Growth & Advance Track For Startups In Different Stages

The G4A Growth and Advance Tracks offer a gateway to partner with Bayer in the digital health space. Partners benefit from Bayer’s global presence and business acumen to grow their healthcare startup.

Growth Track

This track is designed for companies in the pre-product launch stage. In addition to healthcare technology funding, Bayer provides a dedicated workspace and mentorship with industry experts.

Advance Track

The Advance Track is for more mature startups with a product in the market. Selected companies will be working jointly with Bayer experts to drive a commercial partnership co-funded by G4A. Successful companies will receive EUR 50K – 100K with follow-on milestone-based payments. Plus, the access to the G4A network and family.

Why Apply?

Bayer G4A Partnerships 2019

Since its launch in 2013, Bayer has supported over 149 digital health companies. This has resulted in 29 direct collaborations with companies such as Agamon, KinAptic, Turbine, and xbird. Bayer now operates G4A in 12+ countries, developing and promoting collaborative health care projects around the world.

To partner with Bayer, review the 2019 challenges here and apply by 31 May.




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