BAGmovies: Saving The World From Bad Movies & Series

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Founded in Barcelona in 2014 and now part of the Next Media Accelerator program in Hamburg, BAGmovies is going to change the way you watch movies and TV shows.

Why BAG?

If you ever found yourself wondering which movie you want to watch but not knowing which one, or ended up spending more time searching for something to watch than actually watching it, congratulations: you’re one of us. The founders of BAGmovies, Nacho, Jaime, and Ben, share an explicit but simple motto: “Life is short, don’t watch crap”. But also, “don’t waste hours of your time deciding what to what” and “be free to choose what you really like, not what is fed to you by the industry”.

From news about movies and TV shows and featured reviews to recommendations about what to watch in theatres, TV or on streaming – BAG has you covered. But wait! BAG doesn’t sell movies, and actually, it doesn’t sell anything to the users at all: the account is free, forever.

The story of BAG

The idea of BAG was born when three people met online who all had something in common: A little note saved on their phone, with movies that friends have recommended. This brought the father of the project, Nacho, to the idea of creating a social network for discovering what’s worth watching, and even more important: what is not.

Nacho was based in Granada, while Jaime had just moved back to Spain after working in London for eight years. Ben, who also had just moved to Barcelona after studying, travelling and working around Europe and the rest of the world, joined a little later in order to bring BAG to Germany. And it happened in the most literal way: in February 2016 most of the team moved to Hamburg as the first startup of the second round of the Next Media Accelerator. Since then, BAG quickly spread around the globe and is now live in more than 20 countries and 6 languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, and Portuguese.

How does it work?

You can register on BAG using your social account or your email, and once you’re logged in, you can immediately start rating movies and series and leave your opinion. While you do so, you can immediately see other users’ comments and ratings. On BAG you have virtually all the movies and TV shows that ever existed, and for each one you can find a click-through link to any VoD provider where you can watch it, legally. If you already have a subscription to Netflix or any other provider, you will receive movie recommendations based on that, as well as based on your ratings and the ratings of the people you follow, thanks to a machine learning algorithm. To use Ben’s Hollywood pitch: “BAG is like Goodreads, but for movies”.

Who is BAG for?

BAG is for anyone who is tired of wasting time watching bad movies and TV shows, frustrated with ending up watching movies they won’t like just because they’ve been advertised on big billboards, but also for everyone who cares for sharing his or her own opinion. Professional critics and movie bloggers can even link back to their own websites and post complete, educated reviews.

Want to learn more?

Check out their Facebook, where you can also once a week win iTunes credit through a movie-based contest, and their Twitter. If you’re interested all the corporate stuff, BAG has a company page on StartUs.


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