Austrian Musical Appointment Scheduling Tool Konzertmeister Launches Premium Services

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With the release of version 2.5 of the scheduling tool Konzertmeister, the team around co-founder Stefan Stift is launching the next generation of a service that is already very popular in the music scene.

To ensure further development and long-term operation of Konzertmeister, which is already used by more than 20,000 active musicians, a subscription service will be introduced on May 18th, 2019. Basic functionality will continue to be free and without advertisements for associations with up to 30 members. Larger organizations, or associations with higher demands, can unlock all functions of Konzertmeister with monthly or annual subscription packages. For the individual user, the app remains free.

Bridging Communication Challenges

Whether in the choir or in the orchestra – everywhere rehearsal and performance appointments have to be coordinated with many people. Communication efforts increase exponentially with the number of members. The result: Numerous emails and text messages, constantly buzzing WhatsApp-groups – resulting in an annoyed team of executives. Since the appointment of an association with musical context, in reality, is usually not a democratic process, but rehearsals are scheduled internally by the management team and performances are often determined by external factors, a voting tool like Doodle is only limited suitable.

For this reason, Konzertmeister was developed by musicians for musicians. All three developers are musically involved – two of them also are conductors and sing in a choir: “We know about the problems of coordinating attendances, especially in the amateur sector, only too well. A participation rate of 100% is rare – this always makes rehearsal planning and the coordination of performances a challenge.” says Stefan Stift, one of the co-founders and himself active as a conductor.

Konzertmeister provides the right answer: An app for the young generation, integration of mail and SMS notifications with a focus on ease of use in consideration of users without a smartphone. The musical directors always get to see the most important information at a glance – without stress and annoying queries.

Konzertmeister is available in Google Play, the iOS App Store, as well as in the browser as a web app. More information about Konzertmeister and the range of functions for musical directors and members can be found at



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