How This AI Startup Makes It Easy For SMEs To Build A Brand On Twitter

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You value Twitter as a marketing tool for your startup but don't want to spend as much time on the platform? We've tested an AI that does the work for you. Read more about the results.

Twitter is an incredibly valuable tool for business, it doesn’t matter if you are a VP of marketing for a big corporation or a CEO of a small or medium business. That said, Twitter is even more valuable for SMEs than it is for corporations because usually their budget for marketing is insignificant compared to corporations.

Twitter is a great platform for building a Guerilla Marketing campaign. The catch? Most small and medium businesses aren’t using Twitter to their full potential. The average startup has 2000 followers on Twitter. By having only 2000 followers most businesses say that Twitter isn’t generating enough traffic, and that’s true. If they knew exactly how to scale on Twitter they would be all over the place. Using Twitter for marketing is simple, but it takes a lot of time and dedication. Time is usually a resource that SMEs don’t have, therefore, Twitter isn’t used as widely, as it should be.

How To Build A Healthy Twitter Brand?

For creating a healthy Twitter brand you need to:

  • find the right audience, who would be interested in your product or service.
  • share interesting and engaging content.
  • follow the right people.
  • engage with them by retweeting or liking their content.

It doesn’t take a social scientist to do that part of the work, but it takes a time to do those menial tasks. That’s exactly what the Artificial Intelligence startup SoGrow can help SME companies to do by automating menial tasks that are necessary for growth on Twitter. By using SoDash’s AI engine and your specifications to trawl social media, find your ideal audience, and break the ice by liking or retweeting relevant tweets or following suitable profiles.

We tried how their software works and it indeed takes only 10 minutes to set up your account. After few hours, you will start to see already first results.

How To Teach Artificial Intelligence To Automate Twitter?

1. Who’s Your Audience? Finding The Right People.

AI Twitter

It doesn’t matter in what crazy niche you have chosen to become a thought-leader, at least 1 million people from 305 million Twitter users will love it. The hard part is reaching all those people out there. You can do this by buying ads, but keeping the clients list constantly growing and engaged between the ads is something diffrent. How can you do it? By feeding your account the keywords necessary, it will then go out and find the right people who match those keywords. And it will also like and retweet the topics that you choose relevant for your audiences.

(You can also choose negative keywords, so the AI can keep away from topics related to them. Besides choosing negative keywords, SoGrow will automatically avoid emotionally loaded topics, that might be harmful to your brand’s image.)

2. Finding The Right Users To Target On Twitter

AI Twitter 2

Not all your Twitter followers are built equally. It’s easy to get misguided by the overall goal of getting 10k+ new users to your Twitter profile. But if none of those 10k people converts, you will start to ask another question. What went wrong?

SoGrow will use other influencers and competition to understand better the specific target group and that allows it to find the best fit for your business. The AI will also build a hyper-targeted community by looking at the influence level of people and following them accordingly. It makes sure that people who are inactive will be unfollowed, so you won’t end up following a bunch of dead accounts.

3. Make Your Twitter Worth Following

AI Twitter 3

It goes for every type of marketing situation: why should they buy, and why should they follow you back?

Like Gary Vaynerchuk wrote his book “jab, jab, jab, right hook” – give, give, give and give more, then you have earned the right to ask. Building a follower base of over 100k+ needs as much tactic as it needs a quality of content. People are not interested in boring accounts, they want to follow someone because they provide some sort of value. Automated content distribution by just adding a RSS feed of your personal or favorite blog can help. If you are interested you can also send an automated welcome Direct Message to your new followers.

4. How Fast Do You Want Your AI To Work?

AI Twitter 4

Using SoGrow is like hiring a virtual assistant that works 24/7 and 365 without sleeping, getting sick or complaining on pennies on a dollar. It’s something that you can set up and kind of forget about, it will grow your Twitter account on autopilot. Each user can take the pace they believe is best for them and their projects. The AI will imitate the working habits of a human, as it will analyze its own interaction and pace them. The system is also limited by the maximum amount of actions per day, so it will be in the best interests for other users of Twitter.



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