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Magna’s Startup Program “Leading Mobility” seeks startups and teams with an innovative approach to new mobility and connectivity. Apply now to work with a leading global automotive supplier!

We’ve previously talked to Magna’s VP Business Development, Corporate Engineering and R&D, Ian R. Simmons, who pointed out that the industry leader “see[s] great potential in Europe’s startups in terms of resources and technical skills”.

Becoming A Technology Partner For Startups

Magna’s aim is to become a technology partner for startups and young teams and is actively looking for solutions in four categories:

  • Electrification: Electromobility will be an essential component of future mobility. Vehicles become more than just the vehicle – driving as efficiently and economically as possible.
  • Autonomous Driving: This objective refers to technologies which enable self-driving vehicles, including sensors, processors or other. Some functions include Adaptive Cruise Control & Advanced Parking Assistance.
  • Connectivity: Increased demand for connectivity and reliability calls for increased effort in the areas of urbanization, safety, and cybersecurity.
  • New Mobility: This is a great opportunity for technologies and services which offer improved quality, timing or cost of the mobility experience.

As a company that is seeing a significant amount of disruption in the industry, Magna works to encourage startups and innovators from multiple industries to co-develop new industry standards.“Our aim is to work with the brightest entrepreneurs in the industry, help them bring their ideas to market, and continue providing must-have innovations to our customers,” said Simmons.

Especially interesting are solutions with the potential to differentiate Magna and extend their product portfolio. This can include sensors, feature development, and software when we talk about autonomous driving; new use cases and unique ideas for new mobility and manufacturing solutions such as advanced robotics and 3D printing.

Extensive Experience In Collaborating With Startups

Magna isn’t new to working with startups: They partnered with the Israeli company Innoviz Technologies to integrate automotive-grade, solid-state LiDAR into their autonomous driving platform. The collaboration between the companies was very agile and quick and was awarded a LiDAR contract from BMW.

With another company, Rohinni LLC, Magna has formed a joint venture to produce ultra-thin micro LED lighting solutions that are brighter, lighter and more energy-efficient than alternative technologies such as OLED.

For a chance to work with the industry leader, apply now for Leading Mobility!



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