Apply For AVL’s CREATORS EXPEDITION By November 30

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CREATORS EXPEDITION, the strategic startup unit of the world’s largest powertrain development company AVL, is looking for auto-tech startups seeking to mature their prototype, scale internationally, and co-innovate.

“As on an expedition we’re joining forces with strong startup partners and each part brings in its respective strength and competence. Even though the way is not always straight and easy, we’re working closely with the startups in order to reach our common goal“, said Jonas Schneider, responsible for the program and startup development at CREATORS EXPEDITION.

Focus On Electrification, Autonomous Driving, Data & AI

With its initiative, AVL provides an optimal breeding ground to engage in the current megatrends of the automotive industry by merging the two worlds of startup and corporate. To pave the way for the collaboration and co-innovation with startups, both sides will combine forces and competencies to achieve their goal during the six-months-long expedition program.

“With our program, we focus on the current megatrends electrification, autonomous driving & AI and provide auto-tech startups a direct contact to AVL as a strong corporate partner”, explained Sebastian Jagsch, Global Head of the AVL Startup Initiative. AVL is active in more than 20 countries and leads Austria’s patent ranking for the past 10 years – the benefits of working with such a market leader are versatile.

Perks From Market Access To Mentoring

Apply For AVL’s CREATORS EXPEDITION By November 30

Sebastian Jagsch (Strategy & Technology) & Jonas Schneider (Program & Startup Development) at CREATORS EXPEDITION

In the course of the six-months-long CREATORS EXPEDITION, startups will get access to technological infrastructure, such as access to testbeds, tech centers, and development software. Startups will take part in a tailor-made expedition project: From maturing prototypes and scaling to international industrialization, auto-tech startups are offered individual services tailored to their exact technology and business needs.

CREATORS EXPEDITION’s highest priority is the co-innovation together with startups in order to form the transformation of the automotive industry that is in full swing. For participating startups, that means:

  • Market Access: CREATORS EXPEDITION is an independent gateway into the automotive industry. Working with various Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) helps startups to better understand their needs.
  • Growth: Startups get access to a global sales force across 20 countries and build up international operations, including marketing, legal, service & maintenance.
  • Independence: CREATORS EXPEDITION offers individual programs for startups and as a privately owned company AVL prides themselves on investing for the long run.
  • Mentoring: The initiative provides startups with an extensive partner and experienced mentor network to get industry insights, engineering best practices, and advice for strategical scaling.

”During the six months program, we focus on the development of innovative technologies and also on getting to know each other. After testing the new solution in the market were able to decide together with the startup in the best way of how to collaborate in the future”, added Jagsch.

Apply Until November 30

The CREATORS EXPEDITION is looking for early-stage startups that not only deliver a pure invention but also bring a valid use case and, above all, a strong team. All startups that apply for the CREATORS EXPEDITION until November 30 have the opportunity to be a part of the Auto-Tech Innovation Alm in early 2018 (for a detailed timeline follow CREATORS EXPEDITION on Facebook).

The Auto-Tech Innovation Alm is a two days innovation event held at a remote location to co-develop ideas and innovate together. The event combines the corporate and startup world intentionally, bringing together year-long industrial experience and modern technologies with a fresh perspective on the market.



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