5 Ways To Improve Your Marketing By Using Virtual Reality & AI

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Promoting your brand is no longer about highlighting your product's features. It has become a matter of customer engagement. Here is how you can step up your marketing using AI and VR:

Coca-Cola used Virtual Reality to create sleigh ride for the users. With Oculus Rift, people could enjoy the sleigh ride and feel the joy of being Santa for a few moments. It made an instant impact on the psyche of people about the brand which incorporates fresh marketing tactics to drive consumer interests.

AI and Virtual Reality are no longer a concept for the future. It is here and companies are using it for brand recognition. Here is how you can improve your marketing with Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence:

#1 Use AI To Curate Perfect Content

Artificial Intelligence can take the load of writers. All the time spent on research and fine-tuning the language of content material can be handled with better precision using AI. What AI does is:

  • Look through numerous posts and find the most relevant and fruitful keyword ideas to curate content with.
  • Look into previous posts for important keywords which have not been used lately.

But that’s not all. AI also helps you with:

A Better Understanding Of What To Write

There is no guesswork involved. The keyword ideas are more specific and relevant to the audience query. You can better understand what to write and which topics or trends to include in your content.

Fast Publishing

The curated content is uploaded directly to your website which does not take more than a few minutes.

Quality Of Content

The readability of the content can be analyzed. AI integrated tools check for quality of the content and determine how SEO friendly the content is.

Analyze Content Performance

AI does your research part and defines the best timing for content publication according to the audience so as to drive leads and improve conversions.

AI integrated tools such as Scoop.it are a smart solution to curate content and generate traffic to drive leads. In a tech talk with the technical manager of Mr10, they mentioned that “Scoop.it is a great platform to curate your content for the big publication. It is a great exposure tool a business must use and an asset to their primary marketing campaign.”

#2 Improve ROI Of Marketing Campaigns With AI

According to a MarketsandMarkets report, “the artificial intelligence industry is estimated to reach USD 5.05bn by 2020, growing at an annual growth rate (CAGR) of 53.65% between 2015 and 2020”. This growth rate can be attributed to the advanced technology that has become prominent to enhance the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

Deep learning algorithms, for example, use conversion prediction to determine how a particular user is going to react. Every user who visits a website takes hundreds of steps to get there. These sophisticated algorithms analyze each of these events and help you to decide where to take action in order to create more leads.

Overall, this concrete data helps to craft a better marketing campaign. Based on data analyzed by AI, gaps can be filled in the marketing campaign to improve ROI. There are no vague strategies, rather, the marketing campaign is designed with scientific knowledge and precise calculations. Thus a marketing campaign can be driven with what appeals to a targeted audience integrating their interests and preferred channels of interaction.

#3 Design Your Website According To User Behavior

Website design is a much-debated topic among marketing professionals. What should be included to drive sales and what is it that improves conversion dates? All of it is pondered upon by running tests and market research which often takes longer than expected. Now, consider an AI platform where every bit of manual work is removed and all you have to do is provide the platform with essential features you want the website to include.

A recently launched AI website platform called The Grid takes your needs into consideration to provide you with a website that not only fits your needs but also appeals to users and potential customers. It fills the gap between content marketing, producing content and it’s formatting via CMS.

#4 Improve Brand Awareness With VR Marketing

Getting exposure for your brand depends a lot on how technologically sound the marketing campaign is. Virtual Reality is the latest concept which can leave an instant impression on the psyche of your audience.

It directly impacts the desirability and brand awareness. For improved online engagement that transcends the boundaries of conventional methods such as email marketing, Virtual Reality is a good option to get consumers excited about a brand and spread the word on social channels.

The campaign by Coca-Cola, for example, gets the crowd excited about their brand. It gives a refreshing look to the brand and the audience is able to connect with the brand. The level of engagement with VR marketing campaign is important to consider. It creates strong emotions around a marketing campaign and memories which linger for a long time.

#5 AI Helps You Get Proficient Data Insights

Any marketing effort is incomplete without concrete data to measure the impact it has. Prevalent tactics can take days or months to identify essential data which gives insight into online audience behavior or market conditions. The whole process gets a lot easier with AI.

AI helps marketers to analyze, visualize and summarize large volumes of data in real-time. It generates important insights into data which is generally buried inside heaps of data. So, be it data accumulated through Google Analytics or any other source – with AI the whole process of research and data accumulation becomes swift and productive.

Although AI and Virtual Reality have already become part of marketing campaigns, their impact depends on how quickly marketers will incorporate these technologies into their strategies. Rest assured, these two are here to stay and in the coming future will shape how online services are marketed.



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