5 Powerful Reasons Why Your Startup Needs To Use Video Marketing

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By now, videos are all over the place. As a startup with limited resources, you might still be in doubt whether they are worth the attention. Spoiler: they are. And if you need more reasons to convince you, check out the article below:

Video marketing is a powerful means of engaging buyers and sellers. The use of video gives market players engaging content that is a depiction of the real market situation. Videos are thus more convincing compared to banners and brochures, as it engages the audience in a lively manner. Moreover, the use of videos is easy to share across various platforms. Internet users can thus access and download marketing videos with much ease. Videos are therefore an easy to digest format that gives readers a rest from the long marketing texts. Startups, therefore, need to use video marketing for the latter and the following reasons:

#1 Videos Are Informative And Educative

In a technologically advanced world where internet access is almost a necessity, there is no excuse for not knowing anything. Telemarketers, therefore, find it convenient to reach the target audience through internet sites. Recruitment of workers or market pitch is easily done online through teleconferencing or video pitching.

The advent of the internet has revolutionized the marketing sector. With mobile phone cameras or professional cameras, entrepreneurs can create short videos to help market their products. The videos are quite informative as they give a visual description of the product. According to Rachel Wilson, Marketing Director at Master Thesis Service, such visual approaches to marketing assure consumers of what they are getting if they purchase the product without the use of long marketing adverts in print media which may distort the description of the product. In addition, videos are quite educative. Using videos, an entrepreneur might learn something new that they might have needed a whole semester in school to learn. YouTube videos contain some educational tips that can help a marketer improve their pitching techniques or branding techniques without having to hire a brand manager.

#2 Competitiveness

In a world where knowledge is accessible through the vast online presence, it is essential to find ways to remain competitive. The internet provides a wide market where an entrepreneur can put up adverts to help improve their market size. In video marketing, it is essential to create high-quality videos that outdo similar adverts. If a marketing video is of high quality and eye-catching then definitely it may trend on platforms such as Twitter or YouTube. “A trending video that is composed of the right keywords, eye-catching title and proper description of the product significantly markets the product and drives traffic to the company website,” explains David Hall, Video Editor at ConfidentWriters. Such traffic is essential in maximizing sales and maintaining a competitive edge over other sellers.

#3 Boosting Conversions

A visual display of a product is quite eye-catching as compared to a plain text advert. The use of videos is thus more likely to improve the number of clients who see the advert and buy the product. The videos give the buyer a chance to see the product in action and thus maintain their ability to rebuy the good. Video marketing is thus good for boosting conversions of a startup.

#4 Video Marketing Is Cheap

Online videos are widely viewed across the globe given the massive advancement in technology. Video marketing is thus a practical tool for minimizing the cost of having to employ enough telemarketers to reach the same number of clients that is reached using video marketing. Moreover, video marketing is much more convincing as opposed to the salespersons. Video-based adverts are viewable at any time and convenient for the viewer without feeling interrupted in the same manner that telemarketers do to interrupt consumers. On average, given the costs of telemarketing and the use of salespersons, video conferencing is cheaper, and it covers a wider market size as compared to the latter.

#5 Effortless Engagement

Video marketing appeals to a wider market share as opposed to reading extensive catalogs. “Consumers can thus engage, embed, share, or comment on the videos at the click of a button,” says Janet Amos, Director of Video at Paper-Research. Video marketing is effortless and only requires an internet connection, and a laptop, phone, or desktop computer. This effortless engagement can go a long way in engaging all types of consumers. Moreover, a seller can introduce a call to action option in the video that gives the viewer a means through which to access the products directly.



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