5 Key Reasons Why Online Surveys Will Make Your Life Easier

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Do you want to conduct market research or get feedback from your customers? We'll tell you why you should use online surveys to do that:

Surveys are an ideal way to collect data for quantitative research. Typically, they’re performed by using questionnaires, in paper or electronic form, that are filled out by chosen respondents. Used in market research, product evaluation, customer satisfaction, online registration or elsewhere (see other areas of online surveys), surveys are a great way to reach out to and engage with your target audience. Opinions always matter and surveys provide you with valuable data and interesting insights simply and effectively.

Here are 5 key advantages of using online questionnaires for your research:

#1 Time & Cost Effective

Using online surveys definitely reduces administration costs as well as money that would normally be spent on paper, printing, postage or phone calls. Sending them over to the respondents and collecting data is also much quicker as there’s no more need to wait for the paper questionnaires to come to them and back to you.

#2 Easy To Create, Access & Use

Thanks to its interactive environment, an online survey is very convenient and easily manageable, even for inexperienced researchers or respondents. Anyone can prepare or fill out the questionnaire whenever and wherever they wish and take as much time for it as they need. Many modern online survey tools also already have a full set of ready-made templates at disposal for their users. All this increases respondents’ willingness and researchers’ response rate.

#3 Automated Data Collection & Analysis

Online survey platforms can process respondents’ answers in real-time, even while the survey is ongoing. The researcher can thus obtain and analyze the results immediately after the questionnaire has been submitted. Automatic question processing, which modern survey tools use efficiently to generate diagrams and charts, prevents inexperienced users and researchers from making mistakes and wasting time.

#4 Anonymity & Objectivity

Online surveys are completely anonymous as well as there’s no need for the respondent to be confronted by the researcher while providing the answers. That way, assured of the confidentiality, the participants feel more comfortable filling out the survey form which leads to the responses often being more honest. That results in more objective feedback and collected data.

#5 Quick & Effective Distribution

By simply sharing a link leading to your survey (e.g. on social media or by using a tool for managing e-mail delivery that some better survey platforms provide), the form becomes accessible from anywhere at any point, anyone can get involved. “Your clients, stakeholders, employees or potential customers can communicate their feedback whenever it’s convenient for them. Making it simple makes them feel more involved in shaping your business and more attached to your company,” says Martin Souček, marketing director of Survio, a Czech-based online survey platform.



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