5 Easy Ways To Promote Your Fashion Brand

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Are you trying to get your fashion brand off the ground? In this article, we share 5 tips with you that will help spread the word!

Many of you start your apparel business in a hurry. Yes, there are fairytale stories for success, but you need to work hard to attain your desired results in the fashion business you are running or going to start. And for sure success, you must have a strategic marketing plan and you need to stick to it throughout your business operation.

In the fashion industry, you need to be contemporary, follow marketing trends, and you should be ready to take every possible effort. Here are some simple ways to help you:

#1 Create An Amazing Brand Logo & Website

People identify you with your business logo. So, you need to work on creating an eye-catching logo soon after the initialization of creating an online apparel store. Find a place on the clothing line even using a logo maker for the creation of your apparel brand logo. It is crucial for you to create the logo, which can exactly stand for and represent your brand.

After the designing of a relevant logo, you need to focus on creating a website. Create a stunning website for the online presence of your apparel business. Your website must be easy to navigate and appealing to customers. You should execute every process of your apparel website, web design & development and hosting, professionally. Make it accessible to each device (desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone) and ensure that you optimize for SEO as well as embedding social sharing buttons so your customers can spread the word.

However, nowadays, creating a website is not sufficient. You need to enrich it with content in its all forms. Do everything, whether it is writing product descriptions or placing product images, in a well-organized way. Use your own creativity or take professional help for content writing and the use of audio/video/image content on your website.

#2 Run SEO Campaigns

Search engine optimization is not a task that happens overnight. It takes time, and you need to do it to be found on search engines while people conduct a search for the products you are selling. From the meta tag descriptions to search engine optimized content for each page of your fashion brand, you need to work on it from the beginning. With the help of an SEO executive/expert, you need to work continuously to achieve higher ranks on Google, Yahoo, or Bing.

#3 Stay Active On Social Media

Marketing your fashion brand is crucial as it helps you increase brand awareness. You should use all leading social platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for your brand promotion. Simply running marketing campaigns on social channels is not sufficient, however. You need to hire social media marketing executives/managers, who are specialists for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages. Besides, you need to run both organic and paid campaigns for your fashion brand to amplify their efforts.

For example, you can run an organic social media campaign – free of cost. To do this, you have to create user-generated content and post something relevant daily. 50% of customers state that such a promotional activity helps them to complete their purchase. So, it may not bring direct sales but it helps you in increasing your brand awareness.

#4 Create A Blog & Keep It Updated With Regular & Relevant Posts

To step up the game in promoting your fashion brand, you should add a blog to your website and keep it updated with informative content. Your high-quality and keyword-oriented regular posts will help you start appearing on Google. Educate your customers about your products and avoid selling them directly; with informative content posts, you will win their trust. Besides, your blog posts will help you in link building if you do it well and regularly.

#5 Keep Your Customers Hooked With Discount & Sales Offers

In the fashion industry, buyers always welcome discounts and promotional offers. From a discount for custom t-shirts to year-end and season sales at their favorite online fashion store, each offer is equally important for online shoppers. You need to make customers aware of available discounts, promotional offers, and seasonal sales. ELLABING, for example, adds a sale or discount page on the website so that users can get details easily, thereby improving the brand’s overall sales.

That being said, you need to be very careful while letting people know about your sales or discount offers. Avoid sending them too many texts or emails. People can block your number or unsubscribe from your mailing list if you start to annoy them rather than being informative.


A well-prepared marketing plan for advertising your fashion brand is critical for you. Consider having an eye-catching logo, an exciting website, and engaging social profiles that keep your customers informed. If you make sure to stick to these points, the word about your fashion brand will be out in no time!



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