33+ Startup Statistics For 2019 – Packed Into One Infographic!

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We'll share 33+ startup statistics & insights to keep you informed. Check out the numbers and find out what your business can do to thrive!

Today, it seems like successful startups are everywhere.

We’re constantly hearing about a new time-saving invention or service that will make our lives more convenient. However, the truth is that only 10% of startups are able to make it out of the gate each year.

So, why do most fail while a select few thrive? In order to delve into this question and track the latest startup trends, the experts at Embroker have compiled a guide to the 33+ must-know startup statistics for 2019. Take a look at the graphic below for some of the key findings, and read through the full piece for a deeper dive.

33+ Startup Statistics For 2019


33+ Startup Statistics for 2019



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