3 Ways In Which Artificial Intelligence Will Change The Education Industry

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While Artificial Intelligence is already in our lives today, the technology still hasn't penetrated the educational sector to the fullest. In the coming years, these are 3 ways AI will change this industry:

Did you know that the idea of Artificial Intelligence (AI) was realized several centuries before it could be put to actual use? Greek myths cite mechanical Gods like Hephaestus. If you don’t set much store by mythology, remember Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein? However, it was not until 1956 that official research was commenced on the subject.

Though the research into AI was first started more than 50 years ago, hardly anything resembling the high-tech humanoids showcased in movies and books has been invented so far. And we don’t see those mechanical beings getting commercially manufactured any time in the near future. But it doesn’t mean that there has been no progress whatsoever in this field.

Right from those voice-based personal assistants on your smartphone down to digitized sensors in cameras, AI has gradually seeped into our everyday lives. It will continue to influence our day-to-day activities in newer, smarter ways for many decades to come. Even several commercial industries will benefit from AI. Experts have predicted that its greatest impact will be on the education sector.

AI has already found a steady place in quite a few educational establishments. Here are three unique ways in which it will change the education industry for the better in a handful few years:

#1 Artificial Intelligence Will Make The Lives Of Teachers Easier

What with the variety in the offered courses and the rapid discoveries and inventions conducted in every field, the job of a teacher has become harder than ever. Professors not only have to keep track of the trending news in their respective teaching areas but also need to come up with innovative teaching methods, thanks to knowledge being available freely over the internet.

AI will definitely share some of their burden in the near future. For instance, computers can be effectively programmed to grade exam papers. AI can be used to find any possible logical or factual discrepancies in a professor’s teaching notes. Valuable, non-judgmental feedback could be gleaned from an intelligent system regarding teaching methods and information dispensing.

#2 Artificial Intelligence Will Make Student Life More Bearable Too

There are times when students are flooded with so many assignments that they can hardly take a breather. But with the advent of AI, crafting a factually accurate and grammatically correct essay will be a breeze.

David Anderson, an author at IHateWritingEssays, says AI will be able to generate a complete essay within a matter of seconds. However, that essay will not necessarily have the charm of being penned by a professional. That is where the human touch will come into the picture. The student or the writing service will have to edit the essay to make it more readable, concise and well-crafted.

Apart from providing homework help, AI will also render a new meaning to the word ‘individual attention’. Understanding the learning behavior of a student, AI will be able to teach complex concepts to him/her, provide help with the subject that he/she is weak at, and analyze the overall studying program of the student.

Thus, if a student is struggling with an apparently simple concept and the teacher couldn’t lay a finger on the problem (or doesn’t have time to do that), then the AI will go back to the basics and start explaining the concept from scratch.

#3 Artificial Intelligence Will Become A Full-Fledged Professor

In a few more decades, AI will completely take over from the human professor to teach students in a technologically enhanced environment. Needless to say, your favorite teachers won’t become extinct; their role will simply switch to that of a consultant or a facilitator.

A few more decades down the line and we will have a complete academic institution in every house! Yes, students can get the kind of education they currently receive at reputable universities in the confines of their home. And I’m not talking about the interactive courses available online today. Students will be able to study in a choose-your-own-adventure type environment, only at a technological level much higher than the likes of Black Mirror’s fifth series!

There will come a time when technology will completely swallow the education industry to burp out a radically advanced system of study never before imagined, even in fiction. Humanoid teaching entities and holographic professors apart, students will be able to attend school at the click of a button.

Intellectual handicaps will be a thing of the past, given that AIs will get to the psychological and physical root of the problem and begin teaching from there. Who knows, you might need to hand over your great-grandchild to the AI right at the time of birth.

These unheard of transformations in the education industry may some time to be effectively implemented but they will definitely come to be.



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