2500 Startup Enthusiasts Joined Gründen in Wien 2018

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This year’s edition of Gründen in Wien (or Founding in Vienna), the biggest event for Vienna’s home startups, gathered 2500 people and 140 partner organizations at 100 events in 45 different locations.

In its fourth year, the event organized by the Vienna Business Agency, put a focus on young talents and students aiming to successfully realize their business ideas. The event held in March provided students, startup enthusiasts, and founders-to-be to take part in a unique experience and learn from experienced role models. Startups, coworking spaces, hubs, initiatives, university establishments, and funding agencies opened their doors to 2500 young people, offering a full 14 hours of program including workshops, open houses, consulting, networking events, walk & talks as well as a job fair.

Vienna: A Fruitful Ground For Innovation

Gabriele Tatzberger, Head of Startup Services, Vienna Business Agency, states that there is no need for Vienna to shy away from international comparison: “Exciting and creative role models bolster talents up to take the leap from employee to employer and show what is possible in Vienna and Austria”. Tatzberger also points out that Vienna’s innovation advantage is rooted in the many young talents this city is home to. “Numerous students make Vienna a fruitful ground for innovation and the startup scene overall”.

At StartUs, our CEO David R. Prasser was happy to welcome many enthusiasts ready to thrive. We introduced newbies to the startup scene with practical tips on how to become a part the startup community, how to find a job at a startup as well as how our networking platform supports people in finding co-founders, team members, and major players of the local and European startup ecosystem.

Many of these young talents took the chance to become a part of the local startup scene right away at Gründen in Wien’s job fair. 40 startups and companies (among them Unispotter, MyClubs, Robo Wunderkind, Bitpanda, Finabro, getbyrd, and ready2order) looking for new team members, revealed what it’s like to work at a startup and conducted interviews on site.

Meet, Greet, Share

16 from Vienna’s 23 districts offered various events to interested parties, turning almost the entire city into a stage for its home startups. While Gründen in Wien took place at 45 different locations, all participants came together to fade out the event at the Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien, formerly Semperdepot. The participants got a chance to meet each other and share experiences they made during the day while enjoying drinks and music.

The great atmosphere topped off an exciting day featuring unique participants, partner companies, and events. Students and startup enthusiasts alike got an idea of what Vienna’s startup scene is all about, what drives it and where it is going.

Meanwhile, the Vienna Business Agency will continue to support startups and startup enthusiasts. The next round starts for the Vienna Startup Package 2018. International startups can apply until June 30 to explore Vienna for two months.

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