Vienna’s Coworking Loffice Is Sharing Space, Knowledge & Experience

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Two countries - one community - five venues. Panni & Kata founded Loffice in 2009, aiming to introduce a new way of working. We sat down with them to find out more about the progress & current activities:

How would you describe Loffice in a few words?

Since 2009, Loffice is a defining actor of the Hungarian startup ecosystem, since 2011 it is an active member and supporter of the entrepreneurial world of Vienna.

We’re constantly supporting and searching for innovative ideas and skillful entrepreneurs. Due to members of our community and our external partners, we have all the tools to support startups’ market entry and successful operation in Hungary and Austria alike. We believe in the power of a working model based on sharing space, knowledge, and experiences. We give space to upcoming talents, we provide professional backgrounds for young entrepreneurs and we support experienced managers in achieving their goals.

Vienna's Coworking Loffice Is Sharing Space, Knowledge & ExperienceThere’s plenty of coworking spaces available in Vienna. Why did you decide to open Loffice & what’s the key differentiator to other spaces in the city?

Loffice was the 4th co-working space that opened up in Vienna in 2011. What makes Loffice unique, are our cross-border mentor programs, the familiar operation, the industrial design, recycled furniture, environmental awareness, ergonomics, and the integration of contemporary art into the work environment.

Our goal is to help individual entrepreneurs by sharing our connections to micro and mid-size ventures and the startup sector. We have the capability to help startups also from foreign countries efficiently and enforce their national and international presence.

Talking about supporting foreign startups, where does the venue in Budapest come in?

Our first Budapest office opened in 2009 in a former printing house and has quickly established itself as a key hub in the Hungarian creative and startup scene. Austria is a potential market for Hungarian ventures. With our presence in Austria and our expert advice program, we do our best to give professional assistance to startups and entrepreneurs entering an international market. Our aim is to help young entrepreneurs with regular business consultancy and in-house trainings.

With our “cross-border” programs and events, we are providing professional support for companies who want to start business beyond the borders. This year we launched an international expert program called ‘Vienna WOW’. The aim of this program is to support entrepreneurs and startups from Hungary and other countries to enter the Austrian market and to connect them with experts from Austria with whom they can discuss their individual business plans and topics.

Tell us a bit more about Vienna WOW.

The Vienna WOW expert program offers comprehensive help for national and international entrepreneurs willing to prevail in the Austrian market, by supporting their successful start and operation. The selected entrepreneurs will get an overview about the market conditions of Austria and possibilities to succeed, focusing on possible obstacles and Austria’s different business attitude. Experienced professionals share their knowledge with the participants to ensure that they are on the right way straight from the beginnings.

At our tables you can get major information about legal matters, taxing, business mentoring, PR and marketing, financial and tendering possibilities from Austria.

You mention that Loffice is a “New Generation” Office. What does that mean exactly?

Loffice is a new-generation office where the creative and the business world meet, this is why we implemented a model with a combination of knowledge and space sharing. The initial idea with Loffice was to introduce a new way of working, our aim was to build up a place where the means of working, networking, and relaxing are provided.

Besides offering workspace to entrepreneurs, we have significant experience in providing a wide scale of services, such as legal advice, export service, mentoring support, both directly via Loffice as through its reliable 3rd party network. We provide companies’ growing needs in-house to make sure that they develop and expand by securing their actual community.

Tell us a bit about the people you’re hosting: Do they usually come from specific industries? What’s their background and who is your space for?

Diversity is one of our most important benefits. Our coworkers are from different fields: we have freelancers, designers, translators, media designers, app developers, IT and tech startups, marketing managers, cultural agencies in the house. Among our business partners renting the spaces for their workshops, business talks, party or team building you can find: business incubators, communication and marketing agencies, mobile advertising providers, online marketing experts and much more. We are open for having solutions suitable for any activity.

How would you describe Vienna’s startup environment & how do you help foster it?

We are happy that the startup scene is flourishing in Vienna and that we have the opportunity to connect the members of the startup scene cross-borders. We have in the past years supported startup competitions in the whole CEE region. Before, we provided for startups the opportunity to participate in big startup festivals in Europe, like LeWeb or Pioneers. Last year we were focusing on our own startup competition in Hungary, and this year we are hosting Startup Safary in Budapest again.

We are also in contact with investors and organizing meetings for startups not only in Hungary but also in Austria. Stay tuned!



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