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We talked to Bernhard Hauser, CEO & co-founder of Find out how they impact your customer relationship through services like WhatsApp, Messenger and Telegram!

Describe in 50 words or less. connects businesses and customers through messengers – including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Telegram Messenger.

Why did you decide to pursue your own dreams rather than someone else’s?

When our team came up with the idea of B2C messenger communication, it was just too interesting to NOT do it. We see a huge potential in this market and want to be the leader of this emerging technology.

7 years from now: How did your startup change the world?

At, we are working hard on establishing mobile messengers as channels for effective communication between businesses and customers. This will become very likely the standard for mobile communication with companies. I guess this will take even less than 7 years from now!

In what ways do you measure your success and how do you make sure you don’t lose track?

We care a lot about two numbers: Active users on our platform and messages sent. These numbers are closely watched by us and our company sees these two metrics as essential for measuring growth.

Describe your typical working day from coming to the office to leaving it.

Our day at starts with a stand-up meeting where everyone describes their PPPs: Pains, problems, progress. After that everyone works very focussed on his or her projects. If the time allows it, we leave work for about 15 minutes and take a walk together in order to get refreshed and talk about issues that may exist.

Already pivoted? Did customers use the services like you imagined it in the beginning?

Initially we were focussing on building a tool that can send messages through WhatsApp to various recipients, like a “newsletter for WhatsApp”. But our early customers told us that it might be better to do individual customer communication. We looked into the market, technical feasability and eventually descided to pivot.

With ferocious competition and a booming trend to build new companies: How do you make sure you don’t get lost in the shuffle?

Our solution for competition is not to worry about them. About 80% (or more) of failed startups do not quit due to competition, but due to internal problems. At the end of the day it is the speed of execution that matters most – and we are very efficient when it comes to execution and showing progress.

What do you look for in team members?

When hiring new team members, it is most important to us that their mindset fits into our team and that they can learn quickly. We don’t care much about school degrees, this is something irrelevant when it comes to working at a startup.

What advice would you give fellow founders for their startup?

Just do it. Your idea is worthless if you don’t give it at least a try! The older you get the less likely it is that you will do it, because you have more obligations in life, like having a partner, marriage, mortgage, whatsoever. Don’t waste your time – otherwise you may regret it. And be fast, because one of the very few advantages startups have is speed! And connect with peers in your group, get in touch with fellow startup founders!


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