Rotterdam-Based Accelerator Calls For Startups To Enter 2017’s Batch

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Rotterdam-based accelerator PortXL is calling innovative, disruptive startups that want to discover new applications for their technologies and discover new market opportunities. Application is open till January 31st!

Rotterdam was named the “gateway into the world” more than once. Rotterdam-based accelerator PortXL aims to give this statement further proof and is looking for tech startups to join their program. Even though you might not connect your startup’s product to the port industry immediately, this is the right accelerator for you, if you want to apply your technology in these sectors:

Rotterdam-Based Accelerator Calls For Startups To Enter 2017's Batch

Offering New Market Possibilities To Disruptive Tech Startups

PortXL is the world’s first accelerator challenging European startups to enter the port, maritime and offshore industry. What a lot of startups don’t realize, however, is that technologies from other areas like Transport and Logistics, Energy or Chemical & Refinery can also be applied to these industries thus opening new market opportunities.

This is where PortXL comes in: the aim is to help startups realize their potential and seize these opportunities. The unique accelerator offers an ecosystem of highly involved corporate partners, investors, and mentors that help startups to accelerate their entrepreneurial journey.

Despite the fact that PortXL is a rather young accelerator, they already have results to show: Out of the first batch including 12 startups, six signed a customer contract and indicated that they plan to stay in Rotterdam, bringing their technologies to higher level and securing Rotterdam’s reputation of the world’s smartest and most innovative port.

100 Days Of Innovation To Scale

So, what can you expect from the program? It’s a 100-days long, intense program giving startups the opportunity to pitch their ideas to 250 port professionals and more than 20 CEO’s within three months, thus bridging the gap between startups and large enterprises.

What’s in it for you & what to expect:

  • Active support by 150+ seasoned mentors
  • Access to a network of 20+ investors
    Free office space at the Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship
  • €15.000,- compensation for housing and food
  • Sponsored services by financial, fiscal, intellectual property, marketing, and many more experts
  • An extensive alumni program
  • In return for participation, PortXL asks for 8% of the shares but (and that’s a big but!), if you don’t like equity deals, PortXL now also offers to opt for the convertible note!

Rotterdam-Based Accelerator Calls For Startups To Enter 2017's Batch


Ready to conquer the world? Apply now to join PortXL’s 2017 program & get ready to become the next port multinational!


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