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The Matchmaking & Networking Event for the Bio-Economy will take place on November 7 in Brussels, Belgium. With this event, the organizers, BioBase4SME and SuperBIO, aim to develop new, innovative, cross-border and cross-sectoral industrial value chains for the bio-based economy.

Gathering The Most Innovative Stakeholders At The Matchmaking Event

To further innovate in the EU bio-economy, new partnerships and connections need to be established between different sectors (e.g. between chemistry and agriculture, between producers and end-users). BioBase4SME and SuperBIO help to create these connections by inviting the wider bio-based business community to the Matchmaking Event. Startups, SMEs and other organizations aiming to actively develop, and shape new cross-border and cross-sectorial collaborations have the chance to partake in this exclusive Matchmaking Event on November 7 at the Sheraton Hotel in Brussels, Belgium. The registration for the event is now open! Registration is possible until October 21 for organizations wishing to deliver a pitch and until October 29 for organisations wishing to attend without delivering a pitch.

Keynote, Pitching Sessions, Workshops, Networking

The Matchmaking Event will discuss the future of the bio-based economy, technological innovation, lab to market challenges as well as the valley of death. Apart from active matchmaking with stakeholders from all parts of the innovation chain within the bio-based economy, participants will also have the chance to pitch their innovative solutions in front of investors. The pitches can be delivered in five subtopics, namely:

  • Bio-based Chemicals (incl. fine chemicals like cosmetics and agrochemicals)
  • Bio-based Materials
  • Food/Feed Ingredient
  • Bio-energy
  • Innovation Services

If you want to be one of these ideas, register now to join the exclusive Matchmaking Event and boost the European Bio-Economy on November 7!

BioBase4SME is an Interreg NWE funded project that provides bio-innovation support for entrepreneurs throughout NWE regions. The BioBase4SME network, representing many leading biobased economy experts, advises SMEs from across North-West Europe on how to develop new ideas into marketable products. The BioBase4SME project intends to help startups and SMEs to overcome technological and non-technological barriers to bring their innovation to market. The project manages an innovation coupon system worth up to €100.000 per coupon, free workshops, and professional trainings.

BioBase4SME provided technical services such as scale-up and industrial proof-of-concept in a multipurpose pilot plant, testing of new biomass as feedstock, application testing for fibers, colorants, coatings and lignin, as well as anaerobic digestion tests and pyrolysis in dedicated pre-pilot lines: biomass testing and analysis. Furthermore, BioBase4SME offers business supporting coupons such as market research, value chain assessment, business plan coaching, social acceptance for innovative investments, Life-Cycle Analysis and Eco Design Study.

SuperBIO is a project funded by the research and innovation programme ‘Horizon 2020’ of the European Union under the Grant Agreement no. 691555, and aiming to support industrial innovation within the EU bio-economy. From a total budget of €3.8 million, 20 value chains have already been funded.

SuperBIO provided 10 different types of innovation services to SMEs. They were available at cost and subsidized by up to 75% by the project. These services include technical workshops as well as technical services (scale-up, proof-of-concept, IP support, business planning, market research, techno-economic assessment, life cycle assessment, access to investors, grant writing, etc.) which are provided by the SuperBIO consortium. It included four industrial cluster organisations (Belgium, France, Spain, and Poland), and six service providers (the UK, Germany and Belgium). In short, SuperBIO offered a unique opportunity to bring innovative, sustainable, cross-border and cross-sectorial value chains closer to the market through the use of those subsidized services.

BioBase4SME project explained in 2 minutes:


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