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Looking for an alternative to stocks, real estates or bankbooks? Up and coming startups are another possibility to not only offer your money but also your know-how. The exclusive investor’s association primeCROWD is your entry to this world!

primeCROWD initiator Markus Kainz, known to the Austrian startup scene as business angel and founder of courseticket, founded the crowdinvesting platform in March to change the economic and investment scenery. “Austria’s economic landscape is becoming a more successful startup ecosystem day by day”, says Kainz.

Looking For Equity?

You can invest in startups from 10.000 Euro up and thereof profit in two ways: one being interest, the other the startup’s partial accretion. The platfrom looks to attract people with higher income, who are already interested in young companies and are looking to break into the market – doctors, managers, lawyers.

Selected Startups For Exclusive Investors

What sets primeCROWD apart from others, is the preselection of startups that make it in front of the investors – they are being scouted by experts beforehand. Kainz states that a business plan alone is not enough to be invited, “We’re looking for European startups with finished products and established clients, preferably in the B2B sector”.

At special networking events these young companies get the chance to connect with potential investors and secure funding. The first of these pitching events has taken place in Vienna’s Sofitel on May 19th. 8 startups got the chance to stand in front of top-class investors and present their ideas:

The over 250 guests also got a chance to vote for their personal favorite: Waytation won best team, PiQuant best idea and Ubirds went home with “primeCROWD’s best deal” award.

But the evening was not only a success for these startups; ecomony state secretary Dr. Harald Mahrer puts his approval into words: “Startups are the innovative engine of the future and on the cutting edge of progress. To turn their ideas into the right products it needs investment models like primeCROWD. Every new private iniative is an absolute benefit for the Austrian ecosystem.”

Investor Heinrich Prokop (Clever Clover) sums up: “I found the idea of primecCROWD intriguing from the first time I heard of it, which made me curious what would happen at the kick-off event – and it fully met my expectations.”

But see for yourself:

To date primeCROWD has managed to get partners on board, who are not unfamiliar to the Austrian startup scene either: Daniel Cronin, pitching expert and founder of AustrianStartups, Johannes Siller, who already invested in more than 40 startups, CONDA, the law firm Höhne, In der Maur & Partner as well as serial entrepreneur Julian Breitenecker.

But not only young companies and their ideas profit from the year long experience of these experts, if you’re a maturing investor looking for more knowledge in terms of startup funding as well – primeCROWD’s Investor Academy is the right place for you.

So get in touch & take off with primeCROWD today!
P.S.: The first year of membership is free!


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Image Credit: Mario Pampel