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Does your startup create sustainable solutions for substations or very high voltage lines? Energy industry leader Iberdrola seeks your innovative materials and designs, as well as manufacturing and construction methods to propel the industry into the future. Hurry, apply by 19 June!

Iberdrola, the sustainable innovation leader in the energy industry, operates a network comprising over 4400 high- to medium-voltage substations and more than 1.5 million medium- to low-voltage distribution transformers – built to provide a high-quality and reliable service to a total of 31 million electricity supply points. To build a sustainable future and fight against climate change, Iberdrola is launching the Sustainable Materials for Networks Startup Challenge.

What is the Iberdrola Global Smart Grids Innovation Hub?

The Iberdrola Sustainable Materials for Networks Startup Challenge is launched within the framework of the new Global Smart Grids Innovation Hub. Iberdrola is building a worldwide smart grid benchmark through open collaboration and co-working between i-DE technicians, suppliers, and startups, as well as different organizations from all around the world.

Is Your Solution The Right Fit for the Iberdrola Sustainable Materials for Networks Challenge?

Overall, Iberdrola operates over 1.1 million kilometers of electricity transmission and distribution lines in the USA, Brazil, the UK, and Spain.

In this context, Iberdrola, through its International Startup Program – PERSEO and as part of the Global Smart Grids Innovation Hub, seeks new materials and designs, as well as manufacturing and construction methods for electrical substations and very high voltage lines. Proposals may include, among others:

  • Optimizing the use of project materials, for example, in metallic structures
  • Replacing the use of current materials with new, more sustainable materials
  • Optimizing civil works
  • Efficient removal of electricity plants
  • Increasing the safety of operations by reducing human intervention, for example, in operations at height.

Explore Your Benefits & Apply Today!

Iberdrola is no stranger to working with startups and emerging companies – over the last two years, the Group has launched over 17 Global Startup Challenges to address pressing issues in today’s energy networks. Your benefits include:

  • Collaboration Agreement & Pilot Test: The prize for the winner consists of collaboration and test agreement with PERSEO or any other Iberdrola group company. The group will support the cost of the pilot activities.
  • Access-all-Areas: Iberdrola will provide the winner with all necessary technical support, as well as a site and real data to test the solution. This includes access to equipment, teams, infrastructure, high technology sites, and shared work areas.
  • Scale Your Technology: If the pilot test is satisfactory, Iberdrola may offer the winner the opportunity to scale up the solution by adapting it through commercial agreements.
  • Investment: What’s more, PERSEO will consider investing in the participating company and/or the winner of the challenge.

Your solution will also be included directly in the Global Smart Grids Innovation Hubs registration process. As a collaborator, you will benefit from the services, activities, and resources that the Hub makes available in the future!

Does Your Solution Meet the Evaluation Criteria?

While evaluating your proposals, Iberdrola will consider the following value propositions, among others:

  • The maturity, reliability, and durability of the solution.
  • Ease of installation and maintenance.
  • Investment and operational costs.
  • Scalability of the solution for this and other applications in the electricity sector.

Your proposals will be evaluated by experts from Iberdrola’s Networks group.

Key Dates for the Sustainable Materials for Networks Challenge

Applications are now open!

  • Last date for submitting applications is 19 June 2022!
  • Specialists from the Iberdrola Networks group will evaluate your proposals by end of July 2022
  • The pilot project will begin in the second half of 2022 – details to follow soon!

Iberdrola continuously seeks to develop and implement solutions that will help the transition toward a more sustainable energy model. In its commitment to fight against climate change and promote sustainability, Iberdrola aims to achieve clear results in relation to the climate crisis and its sustainability strategy.

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