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ING’s FinTech Village provides you with tailor-made support from senior managers to accelerate your solution within just 16 weeks. Apply by 30 November execute a PoC or PoV with one of Europe’s top-tier banks!

FinTech Village (FTV) is looking for startups and scale-ups who are ready to level up their business by running a PoC/PoV in a real banking environment. The sponsorship structure of the program appoints each team a dedicated senior manager at the bank to execute the PoC and explore a potential commercial collaboration.

Commitment, Collaboration & Co-Creation At The Core

In the last three years, 23 startups and scale-ups participated in the FinTech Village, resulting in an average 50% conversion rate from PoC to commercial collaboration. FinTech Village not only presents an opportunity for ING to speed up innovation and develop new products and services for their over 85 million private, corporate and institutional customers in more than 40 countries across the world, it also opens the doors for startups and scale-ups to accelerate their solutions and bring them to market in an even stronger way.

“For us, the unique factor of the program was the deep involvement of the business team of ING – that’s really what made a true difference for us as a company,” says Nicolas Quarré, from Accountable. His Co-Founder Alexis Eggermont points out the high commitment from ING’s side: “There was a very strong involvement from the teams at ING that are eventually going to be the ones working with this product. It really was much more than the masterclasses and the acceleration. It was really a deep collaboration between a startup and a large corporate.”

Looking For New Solutions In The Instant Bank, Open Bank, Secure Bank & SME Bank Sphere

For its 4th edition, the Brussels-based FinTech Village is looking for innovative solutions in four key areas:

  • Instant Bank – Instant advice, instant everything: Personal experiences driven by data analytics, the IoT, and AI (chatbots, robo-advisors, etc.)
  • Secure Bank – The future of safe & secure: Groundbreaking solutions in Biometrics, Cybersecurity, RegTech & Risk Modelling
  • Open Bank – Going beyond the traditional: Solutions that support ING in challenging the borders of financial services today
  • SME Bank – Rethinking the business bank: (Non-)financial services for SMEs with a focus on data insights, risk modelling, and business financial management

Startups close to the PoC stage and scale-ups already in the commercial phase will benefit from executing a PoC/PoV in a real banking environment. To support this process, FinTech Village runs a track of masterclasses. This track consists of key trainings and is complemented by ad hoc mentoring via a mentor pool including ING senior managers, serial entrepreneurs, VCs, as well as partners such as SWIFT Innotribe, and Deloitte. To better equip startups and scale-ups with the skills, tools & networks needed to accelerate growth, and continue to improve their solution and go-to-market, these mentors will be available to share their tips and tricks on-demand.

A Personalized Team Of Mentors & Access To Partner Networks

To top off the PoC/PoV and masterclasses, the FinTech Village will also provide:

  • A dedicated lead sponsor from ING at senior level that will work closely with you on the design and execution of your PoC/PoV.
  • A tailor-made program focusing on the relevant learnings you need to move forward.
  • A personalized team of mentors and sponsors from ING and its external partners to support your progress and provide access to the expertise and networks ING has available.
  • Access to top-level expertise & the networks from leading players such as SWIFT Innotribe, Deloitte, serial entrepreneurs, influencers, etc.
  • A dedicated office space, travel & accommodation budget for international teams.

FinTech Village will enter its fourth edition with a Pitch Day on 23 January 2019, followed by the Kick-Off and tailor-made program on 11 March. At the end of the program, there will be a Demo Day (27 June) open to key stakeholders on invitation. ING will invite key figures from the networks of ING and its partners, including the press and several VCs.

Are you ready to build the future of financial services? Apply for FinTech Village by 30 November!



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