Fostering Innovation Through Complementary Skills: Co-Creation Lab Vienna

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It's old news that established corporates often deal with challenges they can't solve on their own. Co-Creation Lab Vienna introduces a programme to find solutions & set new standards:

The Co-Creation Lab Vienna offers a framework for developing innovative solutions on the basis of established businesses’ needs. Technology experts of the Vienna Business Agency connect partners – established companies or public organizations, startups as well as technology startups – with complementary skills. Expert support und supervision continues when the partners define their common project.

Four Project Phases To Success

Fostering Innovation Through Complementary Skills: Co-Creation Lab Vienna

#1 Define The Challenge

In the first phase, “Define the Challenge”, established companies, the so-called Challenge Owners, defined three to five challenges they face in their daily work.

#2 Call For Contributors

In the second phase, lasting from October to November 2016, the set challenges are published. From then on innovative technology startups, the so-called Contributors, are invited to submit their solutions. The experts of the Vienna Business Agency support the search for suitable Contributors in a structured matching process. Every Challenge Owner is provided with a Sounding Board, consisting of industry relevant experts and providing advice on the selection of Contributions. Once the Contributors are decided, a project consortium is formed per challenge.

Briefing Day To Meet The Challenge Owners

In the last months corporates in Vienna were invited by the Vienna Business Agency to define Challenges which they want to solve in the near future. Eight challenges were submitted by companies such as Melecs, the Vienna Airport and Cofely covering different topics from logistics to innovative smart city solutions.

Now startups, SMEs and research organizations are invited to submit their solutions to challenges. The challenges will be presented by Co-Creation Lab Vienna at the Briefing Day in the Vienna City Hall (Lichtenfelsgasse 2, 1010 Wien), on October 11th from 8.30am to 12pm. The programme offers startups, SMEs and researches a chance to meet the challenge owners and ask questions. The event will be held in German, it’s admission free but registration is required.

#3 Define The Project

In Phase 3, starting from the beginning of 2017, the consortia work out a detailed project plan. To facilitate the launch, the Vienna Business Agency is financing facilitation and accompanies the consortia throughout the entire phase. Depending on requirements, the Vienna Business Agency provides expert support in different areas:

  • Facilitators support the consortia in developing a professional project design. A pool of experienced facilitators is made available for them to choose from.
  • mediation
  • feedback from subject matter experts

#4 Co-Create The Solution

In Phase 4 the consortia work on the joint implementation of the project, including funding opportunities to provide solutions for the given challenges.




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