Bridging Innovation & Business: E-Commerce Berlin EXPO 2017

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E-Commerce Berlin EXPO 2017 is the 2nd installment of an event directed at startups, SMEs and big players in the e-commerce ecosystem. Why you should be part:

E-commerce Capitals announces E-Commerce Berlin EXPO 2017, a follow-up to the success of the event in 2016, which gathered 2,000 visitors, 60 exhibitors and speakers representing tech leaders such as Google, Samsung and Zalando. This event provides business opportunities for the entire e-commerce ecosystem: from merchants to platforms, hosting providers, fraud prevention solution providers, payment processors and other online solution businesses.

February 2nd: Save The Date!

The event will be held at STATION BERLIN on 2nd of February 2017 from 10:00 to 17:00 and will feature trade fairs as well as a series of knowledge sessions led by e-commerce industry leaders. Attendees can register online and no registration fee is required to attend the trade fairs or the sessions. Exhibitor opportunities are available for 90 sponsors to network with a wide variety of merchants expanding into the e-commerce marketplace.

What’s Impression Of Last Year’s Attendees?

“E-commerce Berlin EXPO was a very beneficial experience for AB Tasty. Thanks to this event we had a chance to exchange with leading e-commerce players, as well as small- and medium-sized stores and providers from the CEE region. We can say that Berlin is a perfect digital meeting point for this part of Europe!”, says Adriana Lysniewska-Hiley from AB Tasty.

“As the European Registry for .eu domain names, we run our business activities in 31 EU countries connecting over 500 million spread across the EU. Being international we need to understand local markets to effectively promote .eu addresses. To do so, we always choose to optimize our presence and promo actions run on a respective market. During the event, we could spot and discuss the latest market developments, best e-commerce tools and the latest trends. You can definitely feel the pulse of the Internet market and the community in there. We are definitely going back!”, says Aneta Szczepankiewicz from EURid.

“The E-commerce Berlin EXPO was a great opportunity for us to grow visibility within the broader e-commerce market of the Central and Eastern Europe. For us as a German company, the event enabled us to meet first-hand the vibrant and impressive CEE e-commerce ecosystem. We met some great technology vendors – who we now partner with. Overall, a well-run event, with great networking and learning opportunities”, says Mrdjan Uzelac from ePages.


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