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Want to boost your green label? Submitting to an CSR award programm will improve your credibility and raise positive awareness for your brand! This article will give you a brief overview of CSR awards in Austria.

CSR Awards for your brand or product

Sometimes customers believe more in labels and awards than in detailled information about your “green” product or service. It is a fast and easy orientation for them. BUT be aware of so called “fantasy labels”. Before applying for an award/label, check the background of this labelling organization and their initiators. It can be, that the award sounds green, interesting and confident. But the iniator has a company with an environmentally hazardous business model or treats his staff in an (borderline) illegal way. So the initiator launched this award for his own financial objective or “greenwashing”. Sometimes it is hard to decide which award/label is reliable and which is not. Therefore it’s better to consult an expert on that topic.

A good example: GREEN BRANDS Austria

With more than 60 award-winning brands in Austria (and 36 in Germany), this international award procedures for environmentally sustainable brands and it is well established. In the process, brands may not apply directly, but participate on a validation after nomination. Finally a senior jury decides about the conference of the label.

The jury members 2013/2014

Dr. Fritz Hinterberger (SERI Consulting)

Dr. Christian Plas (denkstatt)

Thomas Weber (Editor BIORAMA)

Mag. Susanne Hasenhüttl (ÖGUT)


Bernard Wood Bauer (Klimabündnis/Climate Alliance Austria)

Stephan Blahut (ÖGV)

Doris Holler-Bruckner (oekonews.at) and

Constantin Wollenhaupt, M.A. (HarCon Media & Consulting & editor in chief of nachhaltigkeitpur.at)

The international, independent brand marketing organization GREEN BRANDS started last year with the two-year process for the evaluation. The GREEN BRANDS are products, food, services and companies that are honored for practicing ecological sustainability. The profound and complex procedure to the award was developed and implemented in cooperation with internationally institutions and companies. Only those brands that have passed the process successfully will receive the GREEN BRAND label. For the successful re-validation and thus second award, the brands will receive the seal with a additional star. The award ceremony is at the Austrian Trade Association (Österreichischer Gewerbeverein) in early December 2014. The  latest guide of GREEN BRANDS Austria will be published in 2014. Learn more: www.Green-Brands.org

Other reliable awards

TRIGOS. It is one of Austria’s best known award for Corporate Social Responsibility. TRIGOS awards are given to companies, regardless of their size.

ASRA. The Sustainability Award ASRA (Austrian Sustainability Reporting Award) is presented annually in recognition of the best sustainability reports of Austrian companies.

Upper Austrian State Award for Environmental and Sustainability. This price is the official award of Upper Austria for people and organizations that have made ​​outstanding contributions to the sustainable development in the field of environment and sustainability.

Umweltpreis Wien. The Environmental Award of the City of Vienna is an incentive to set environmental measures. The corporate commitment to the environment becomes visible to the public and receives wide acclaim.

Klimaschutzpreis. Individuals and companies, organizations and public institutions that contribute to climate change are welcome at the Austrian Climate Protection Award and can submit in one out of the following four categories: farms, daily life, towns & regions, agriculture.



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