Co-create the Future of FinTech with the Worldline e-Payments Challenge 2023

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Are you a fintech startup and your product is ready to be used & to connect with Worldline portfolio? Join the Worldline e-Payments Challenge 2023 to co-innovate for the future of payment & new user experiences, all while working on actual customers expectations & demands. Register by 29th September, 2023!

Worldline is back with the 5th edition of the ​e-Payments Challenge, a collaborative and immersive hackathon experience. The Worldline e-Payments Challenge 2023 will span a six-month hybrid journey, combining onsite and online experiences for all participants.

Fintech startups will have the chance to explore cutting-edge topics and tackle real-life challenges from Worldline partners. They will also get to leverage their expertise to optimize services, design experiences, and ensure financial sustainability and trust.

Join the amazing event in the La Défense area of Paris for the Worldline e-Payments Challenge finals on November 29th, 30th, and December 1st!

Hurry, registrations close by 29th September 2023!

Why Should You Apply for the Worldline e-Payments Challenge 2023?

This year’s edition is a six-month hybrid journey that is offering an onsite and online experience, allowing every participant to join the challenge. So, wait no more and buckle in! The future of e-Payments is just around the corner and Worldline is offering you a front-row seat to innovation.

Participating in the Worldline e-Payments Challenge 2023 is a valuable investment in your career or business, providing opportunities for growth, learning, and collaboration. Register now to:

  • Solve actual challenges defined by Worldline customers
  • Access Worldline’s product for optimized integration
  • Get expert advice from Worldline’s experienced professionals
  • Benefit from the extensive network and communication channels within the full Worldline ecosystem

Learn more about this year’s challenge as well as some great testimonials of the winners from previous editions:

Worldline Lets You Choose What You Want to Work on

Each Megatrend represents a particular area of focus related to payments, in which several challenges will be defined. This is to help you create solutions in response to the most pressing issues in the payments landscape.

  • Leverage Artificial Intelligence — Tweak AI as a door to optimization & innovative usages for customer services, user experience, or at the core of the payment products.
  • Offer Best-in-Class User Experience — Design digital experiences upgraded with new features for fast-growing adoption (eg AR/VR digital twin, digital currency, alt-commerce).
  • Drive Financial Sustainability & Inclusion — Propose Tech4Good & Tech4Change use cases, while committing to your corporate Net Zero strategy.
  • Master the Opti-Channel User Experience — Choose the optimum channel & foster a seamless and more convenient omnichannel experience to please your end customers.
  • Ensure Trust & Security — Grant trusted payment interactions for increased conversion ratios and cover all use cases.

A Sneak Peak into The Evaluation Criteria of the Competition

Worldline will judge your fintech solutions for the e-Payments Challenge 2023 based on the following parameters:

  • Innovation — Does the solution demonstrate originality, creativity, and novelty in addressing e-Payments challenges?
  • Smart Integration with Worldline Products — How effectively does the solution integrate with Worldline’s existing product ecosystem, ensuring compatibility and synergy?
  • Business Plan Potential — Is the business plan well-developed, demonstrating a clear understanding of the market potential, target audience, revenue streams, and growth prospects?
  • Match with the Customer Challenge — Does the solution align well with the specific challenges presented by Worldline’s customers, addressing their pain points effectively?
  • Security — How robust are the solution’s security measures, ensuring the protection of sensitive customer data, adherence to industry standards, and the implementation of strong security protocols?

Get valuable insights into the last year’s edition directly from Wordline CXOs and experts:

Overview & Timeline of the Worldline e-Payments Challenge 2023

  • Fintech Day 1 (online) took place on 19th June where you discovered the challenges and met Worldline experts.
  • Fintech Day 2 (online), which is on October 12th, will provide you the opportunity to pitch your solution. The best demo will also be awarded!
  • e-Payments Challenge (on-site) – On November 29, Worldline will welcome you to Paris for the final 3-day competition where you would showcase your final solution and win the grand prize!

Ready to shape the future of payments with your innovative solution? Wait no further & register for the Worldline e-Payments Challenge 2023 today!





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