Berlin Startup Coureon Builds 100% Digital Logistics Network

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E-Commerce and digitalization are changing almost every industry and logistics is not an exception. More and more delivery vans clog our city streets, while most trucks are on the roads half empty. We spoke to Federico Frascà, co-founder and Managing Director at Coureon, about the potential for innovation in the logistics industry.

How would you describe Coureon in a few words?

Coureon is building the first 100% digital logistics network. By integrating multiple 3rd party logistics fleets into a unique network, we enable online merchants and brands to ship parcels to 200 countries and save between 20% and 80% on their shipping costs, without any upfront investment.

What inspired you to create the platform? How did you discover the need for it?

Although there is an increase in cross-border e-commerce, we noticed a gap in the international conversion rate: 25% of the online shopping traffic comes from abroad, but only 5% of the orders are international.

That is due to logistics blockers:

  • Shipping costs are too high
  • Delivery experience is too inconvenient, as local delivery options and tracking are often unavailable

Our technology solves these issues and enables merchants to reduce their shipping costs, localize their delivery experience and have a multi-language, end-to-end tracking.

What is the biggest challenge that the company has faced?

Developing a technology able to integrate multiple fleets and to make them work together in a single supply chain.

The competition in the industry appears to be fierce. What makes Coureon stand out of the crowd? What is the key differentiator?

The competitive environment is an oligopoly, dominated by only three incumbents: DHL, FedEx, and UPS. The reason is that huge capital investment is necessary to build a global fleet.

We took a different approach. Instead of building a physical logistics fleet, Coureon leverages the extra capacity available in the market, from 3rd party fleets, and optimizes it.

We are asset-free and incur only variable costs, which means:

  • Cheaper rates
  • Customizable delivery experience: Merchants can select the delivery option that best suits their customers
  • No setup or maintenance costs, no minimum volume required

You’re alumni of the incubator Project A – in what ways did the program help you develop and what can you tell us about your experiences?

Project A helped us to significantly reduce our time to market, to grow fast, and to build our technology ready for scalability.

It has been said that last-mile delivery is the biggest pain point for logistic providers. Where else do you see a potential for innovation?

There is potential for innovation in every segment of the logistics chain.

There is too much capacity in the market: too many vans, too many trucks going around half empty. The industry is calling for an optimization wave, driven by new technology. It’s a similar trend to what is happening in other industries with excess capacities, such as mobility or hospitality. Coureon and its technology go in the same direction: optimizing the existing capacity available in the industry from 3rd party players, and helping the industry grow in a sustainable way.




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