APROPLAN & GenieBelt Merge To Form Leading European Software Provider To The Construction Industry

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As part of the merger, their company LetsBuild is closing a funding round from the existing investors which include Fortino, Inventure, Enern, Solar A/S and Nordic Makers.

Brussels based APROPLAN and Copenhagen based GenieBelt have agreed to merge all their activities to form a new company, LetsBuild. LetsBuild will have 120 employees and service thousands of construction companies in 35 different countries around the world with cloud and mobile solutions.

Both companies were established a handful of years ago on the foundation that cloud, mobile, and thirst for data provide a new basis for delivering technology to the construction industry that can significantly rectify the current problems of excessive waste and time and budget overruns in the world’s second-biggest industry.

CEO of the new company, Klaus Nyengaard, who is co-founder and former CEO of GenieBelt, says about the logic behind the merger that “GenieBelt and APROPLAN both have unique solutions for many of the challenges in the capital heavy construction phase, and our solutions are complementary”.

Thomas Goubau, co-founder and former CEO of APROPLAN, will be CCO of LetsBuild and adds, “We expect significant commercial synergies since our sales reach is also complimentary, so our existing customers will have access to a broader range of innovative solutions to cover all core processes in the build phase”.

LetsBuild will operate with from headquarters split between Brussels and Copenhagen. Before the merger, the companies grew with a combined growth rate of 75% in 2018, and for the coming years, the plan is to continue this rapid growth as the construction industry increasingly is embracing cloud & mobile solutions to support their on-site planning, communication and follow-up.




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