Altair’s Startup Program Accelerates Your Business Growth With Data Intelligence

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You are looking for Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Data Analytics solutions to grow your business? Join the Altair Startup Program to access online training & get support via the Data Intelligence Package. Read more about the program & how it will impact your growth!

Altair is a global industry leader in converging simulation, high-performance computing (HPC), and AI. For the Altair Startup Program, they are launching a series of tailored, discounted technology packages to provide emerging innovative companies with access to Altair’s unique software solutions. Altair’s program gives startups access to world-class technology solutions to drive innovation, reduce development times, and lower costs.

“Technology is critical to fueling intelligent innovation and helping startups to grow, which is why we’re so excited to relaunch this program,” says Evelyn Gebhardt, vice president of marketing, EMEA, and lead of the global startup program at Altair.

Join Altair to gain a leg up on your competition & propel your business growth!

Discover The Altair Startup Program

The Altair Startup Program comes with four packages and is tailored to meet the needs of startups of all types. No matter if the startup needs simulation, data analytics, or HPC solutions to enhance its business or product development processes. These innovation packages enable startups to innovate, reduce development times, lower costs, and solve numerous challenges in the process.

What is the Altair Data Intelligence Package?

With today’s technology, Altair is more than aware that everything is quantifiable. Through its advanced AI and data analytics tools, Altair helps emerging companies understand what to do with the data, what to look for and to set clear objectives.

Altair’s Data Analytics & AI solutions bring transformation, insights, and confidence to you and your team. The Altair Data Intelligence package revolutionizes how insights are generated by eliminating wasted time on repeated tasks or creating code. Altair will help your business turn complex data into smart data. This enables your budding innovative business to make informed decisions based on actionable insights.

Is Your Startup Ready to Scale Using AI & Advanced Analytics?

Altair’s two-year Data Intelligence Package is designed for startups in any industry – ranging from fintech and energy to healthcare and marketing, among others. The common theme for Altair is that your startup is seeking AI & advanced analytics solutions to accelerate and make smarter data-based business decisions.

The Altair Startup Program is seeking businesses that meet the following criteria:

  • Your startup is founded within the last five years
  • Your startup has an annual revenue of USD 5 million or less

Altair encourages applications from startups across all industries that:

  • Want to apply data analytics to their business processes, such as finance, marketing, or HR, among many others
  • Advance solutions for the fintech, healthcare, gaming, logistics, and supply chain, energy, renewable energy, energy storage and distribution, mobility, and Industry 4.0, among other possibilities

How Will The Altair Startup Program Benefit Your Business?

  • Your startup receives discounted access to Altair’s state-of-the-art data analytics solutions
  • You gain access to free online training
  • Your business leverages new marketing opportunities

Ready to scale your startup with Altair’s Data Intelligence Program? Apply now!




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