Altair’s Global Startup Program Accelerates Product Development

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The Startup Program for hardware startups aims to accelerate technology commercialization and long-term collaboration through accurate simulation software and expert consulting. Apply now to fast forward your business!

Tailored to the unique needs of new tech entrepreneurs, Altair’s Startup Program offers preferential pricing for its simulation-driven design, computer-aided engineering, cloud computing, and IoT software solutions. Effectively, participating startups save up to 80% on the same software used by industry leaders such as Airbus, Samsung, and Ford.

Technology is changing rapidly, and startups are at the leading edge of this evolution and Altair, with its range of software and expertise, is the right partner to successfully compete in this future.

Simulate More, Prototype Less

“The startup community has always been at the forefront of innovation in new and high-growth markets shared of interest,” says Michael J. Kidder, SVP of Corporate Marketing of Altair. “This program provides a powerful vehicle for Altair to connect more directly with hardware startups to help mitigate product performance and financial risks early, realize a successful exit and cost-effectively scale for growth with Altair’s open-architecture simulation solutions.”

The program includes full-featured access to all Altair software titles, more than 150 Altair Partner Alliance software applications, instructor-led / online / self-paced training courses, expert consulting support and a variety of co-marketing opportunities to build your startup’s brand awareness.

Joining the Startup Program opens new opportunities for your business by utilizing accurate simulation software to

  • Assess design feasibility early in the process
  • Accelerate product development
  • Reduce the risk of product failure
  • Scale-up to market leadership

Covering Growing Needs

“While we previously had to manufacture parts and test them, we are now able to get to the final product faster, fitting it in the serial production of our cars,” says Tamir Plachinsky, CEO and Co-Founder of the Israeli motorsport startup Griiip.

Altair’s Startup Program was developed to help nurture companies like Griiip as they seek to grow their businesses.

With solutions supporting early design stage concepts, product engineering, manufacturing feasibility, and IoT and cloud computing, Altair offers software to address the many challenges you might face throughout the evolution of your business.

To qualify for Altair’s Startup Program, your company needs to meet three criteria:

  • Your startup is a privately held business
  • Your startup has a revenue of less than $10 million per year
  • Your startup was founded less than 4 years ago

If this sounds like you, apply to Altair’s Startup Program today!




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