4 European Startups That Shape The Future Of Mobility Together With Magna

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Last December, Magna announced the winners of its first European Startup Challenge, Driving the Future of Mobility. Now, it’s time to take a closer look at the startups that won the race.

Driving the Future of Mobility aggregated hundreds of applications from across Europe, calling for the most innovative solutions in Autonomy, Connected Car, Mobility as a Service (MaaS), and Mobility Solutions. For Magna, the collaboration and co-innovation with startups is a crucial factor in shaping the future of the transportation industry. “Our aim is to work with the brightest entrepreneurs in the industry, help them bring their ideas to market, and continue providing must-have innovations to our customers,” said Ian Simmons, VP Business Development and R&D at Magna.

Shaping The Future Of Transportation


TerraLoupe, a Munich-based startup was selected the winner in the Autonomy category. The German machine learning startup digitizes and measures the world. The company was founded on the premise that understanding accurate geo-image data fundamentally improves decision making for businesses. TerraLoupe acquires aerial images via places and drones and analyzes them using their proprietary machine learning algorithms to provide object recognition to locate relevant information – finding the small things that matter in big data.

In the automotive industry, this can be applied to add location and height information for road infrastructures such as lane markings and guardrails and integrate with high-definition maps as a basis for autonomous vehicles.

Connected Car

Spanish HOMYHUB offers controlling, monitoring, and managing of garages to customers – anywhere and at any time. The winner of the Connected Car category relies on military-grade encryption to keep garages secure, opening new possibilities to garage owners. Sensors that recognize when a garage is approached enable the automatic opening of the garage – turning it into far more than a place for cars only. HOMYHUB is already partnering with sharing-economy platforms such as parking sharing, car sharing, storage sharing, and EV charging sharing, expanding its reach through winning Magna’s Startup Challenge.

Mobility as a Service

MaaS winner Drover takes a new approach to car-sharing: flexible, all-in car subscriptions that can be upgraded, downgraded, swapped or canceled monthly. The UK-based startup takes care of servicing, maintenance, MOT’s and road taxes for a hassle-free ride. Individuals can choose from a variety of Uber-approved cars from Toyota Prius to Mercedes-Benz S-Class at a one-week minimum rental term.

Mobility Solutions

German Powerplace supports businesses in understanding customer behavior through digital data. The Mobility Solutions winner stores urban activities with a geo-code (latitude/longitude) such as foot-traffic at locations, the popularity of locations, special events, building density, and local public transport on a daily basis and feeds its algorithms with this information. The algorithms, in turn, reveal various optimization measures such as Demand Prediction Algorithm (DPA), Shift Planning Optimization (SPO), Movement Recommendation (MR), Live “Business” Logic (LBL), or Viral Potential Algorithm (VPA).

Employing this technology allows for the prediction of when the next passenger will call a taxi as well as in which regions the highest probability for a pedestrian is.

Magna’s Startup Partner Program: Up & Running

In the course of the challenge, the winning startups received a total of 28.000€ in equity-free prize money and are currently in talks with Magna to assess project development opportunities, including the possibility to further work with Magna.

“Magna’s acknowledgment of startups at the forefront of digitalization and creative disruption is a sign that these companies are the future of the industry and viable partners to learn from,” said David R. Prasser, founder of Magna’s European innovation partner StartUs Insights.

For startups that did not participate in Driving the Future of Mobility, Magna introduces the partner program “Leading Mobility”, designed to connect with European innovators and keep all doors open for communication. Teams working on solutions in the areas of electrification, autonomous driving, connectivity, and new mobility are encouraged to get in touch!



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