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This year brought a lot of new startups to Europe's leading innovation & startup network. Out of the 1500+ startups we list, these are the 9 you were most interested in:

The last year has seen an increasing number of startups being founded in Europe. With this new ambition of young founders comes the acknowledgment of the European Union, which pledged an additional 400 Milion Euros to support its entrepreneurial community.

At StartUs it’s our aim to give these startups visibility and support them in their endeavors. Of the 1500+ startups we already list, these 9 have shown to be your favorite ones of 2016*:

Robo Wunderkind

robo wunderkind logoRobo Wunderkind is an Austrian startup, and basically, a robot anyone can build. They are embedding different technologies, making it possible for even a child to build and program the robot. After an extremely successful Kickstarter campaign ($246.ooo in just 5 weeks) they’re on their way to educate a new generation of programmers.


WKDA Österreich

WKDA Österreich logoYet another Austrian startup that made it onto our list. WKDA specializes in automotive services, specifically finding buyers for cars and providing sellers with information on how much they can still charge for their used car.



Urban Massage

urban massage logoThe London-based startup brings relaxation to you. With their concept of delivering health care services to people directly, they increase flexibility and ensure people get the massage they want, where and when they want it.




Quades logoThe recruitment company founded in Amsterdam specializes in finding the right IT people for open vacancies, both temporarily and permanent. Founder Helmig Heerink states that his startup sees recruitment as a craft – and also treats it that way.




travelbird logoStarting out in 2010, TravelBird offered new deals everyday. Since then the startup has expanded to 17 countries across Europe, leading to an investment by the Samwer brothers in 2014. Making it easy to book travel experiences at a competitive price, they aim for everyone to have spectacular holidays.



zanzarra logoDescribing themselves as “the best troubleshooters ever”, this Ukrainian startup resolves complex IT issues, from architecture to bug hunting.  Seems like they’re pretty determined too since they not only hunt bugs but also destroy them.





ZenMate logoEncryption on the go. Berlin’s ZenMate secures your connection whether you are at home, traveling or using a public WiFi network. Their credo “Internet freedom should be unconditional” speaks from the heart of many internet users and digital natives.




bynder logoThis startup provides online brand solutions to make marketer’s lives easier. Amsterdam-based Bynder helps to manage and distribute marketing materials to create brand consistency.




imobility logoiMobility was founded by experienced entrepreneurs with the aim to bring travel planning and booking into the digital age. On the way to work? To meet friends? To the gym? How do I get there fast and easy? iMobility answers these questions with one click only!



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*Startups are not ranked.

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